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Published on December 1st, 2020 | by Essince


The Success Story of Jannik Olander- The Creative Mind Behind Nialaya

Sometimes, one accidentally runs into someone who completely changes their life. The relationship doesn’t have to be necessarily romantic, but it could be anyone who helps one reflect upon themselves. The advice that is directed by a stranger often comes as a revelation. The dynamics of having a conversation with somebody you have no connection with can be quite powerful. Often, they highlight something exactly what you want to hear but are too scared to admit it. 

An individual who has been through this life-changing experience is Jannik Olander, the founder, CEO, and creative designer of Nialaya, an American jewelry brand. Born and raised in Denmark, Jannik has been an individual who has always been inspired by glamorous lifestyles and has held a great fascination for style and luxury. As a result, he went to a business school in Copenhagen and always dreamt of achieving great things in life.

The Much-Needed Thrust

During his early twenties, Jannik worked for Ralph Lauren as a Store Manager in Munich and Hamburg. After spending seven years abroad, he went back home to Copenhagen, where he opened a Ralph Lauren franchise. At the age of 26, Jannik was the youngest person with such a portfolio. He later added Tommy Hilfiger and five more shops to his retail empire in Copenhagen. 

His life, nevertheless, took a turn when he visited a coastal city in India. Over there, he met a local shaman, Nialaya, who was able to see through him. The practitioner advised him to stop running after economic profits and instead pursue something he’s passionate about. The words of wisdom from the stranger was something that Jannik always had at the back of his mind; however, all he needed was a thrust.

The spiritual journey of Jannik was so powerful that it left behind a strong impact on him. Jannik sold everything in Denmark, cashed in, and moved to California to pursue his “American Dream.” He highly invested in Real Estate in 2008 but lost all his money due to a financial crisis. Taking the shaman’s advice, it was with his last $5000 he started Nialaya in his Garage in Hollywood Hills in 2009. As a tribute to the shaman, Jannik named the brand on his name, called Nialaya. The individual always held a strong knack for art and designing, something he had always wanted to pursue. The little push from the shaman was enough for Jannik to get out of his comfort zone, widen his horizons, and pursue his passion. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Nialaya is a well-established brand in Hollywood. Known for its jewelry that promotes spirituality and energy healing, Nialaya creates beaded macrame necklaces and bracelets that the audience loves. 

Jannik, through his brand, has encouraged the slogan of ‘Handmade in Hollywood.’ With every part of the jewelry being strung with hands, the brand is highly known for its “hand-made” products. While living in the era of technology where a machine performs every single activity, Jannik has kept his business’s authenticity intact by making the jewelry hand-made.  

Jannik’s journey to success initially started with his collection’s first display in the Beverly Hills boutique. Through that platform, Nialaya captivated numerous Hollywood celebrities’ attention, which gave a strong footing to the brand in the industry. As of now, Nialaya is one of the topmost endorsed brands of Hollywood personalities. Popular celebrities such as P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, Kardashians, Avicii, Kanye West, Drake, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Dolph Lundgren, Sofia Vergara, Mickey Rourke, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dogg are spotted wearing the talented designer’s exceptional designs.


An Exceptional Creative Designer

Ever since Jannik has introduced the brand, there has been no stopping. He releases designs every month that are at the forefront with the newest fashion styles. Since Jannik designs every single piece himself, the audience anxiously waits for the new designs every month. Nialaya has now started creating flat-bead bracelets, leather and stingray bracelets, rings, and the brand’s most popular, beaded bracelets, customized in stones and color. 

Places play an immense role in helping individuals drive inspiration. A little change of the surroundings can greatly impact the minds and is significant for mental well-being. For such a purpose, the Danish designer takes frequent trips to the Far East in order to give himself some time to take inspiration from the environment. Bali, Thailand, and India are some of Jannik’s favorite places that help him rejuvenate and look at things from a different perspective, helping him develop remarkable designs for the brand. 

With his skills and expertise in designing, Jannik has helped Nialaya evolve over time, helping it be sold in 130 different countries, with online visitors every single day from over 100 countries. As a result, the reach of the brand has been phenomenal. With the celebrities wearing the brand’s jewelry, Nialaya has achieved a lot of media coverage, boosting its popularity. 

Jannik Olander holds the view of ‘giving back to the community.’ With such a commitment, Jannik is devoted to giving back to the countries and communities he acquires his brand’s materials from. With such a purpose in mind, Jannik started paying regular visits to the Sarnelli House, an orphanage in Northern Thailand. Jannik feels deeply about helping the ones in need, and the platform of the orphanage platform has helped him provide to the ones in need. Sarnelli house sends him greetings as sign of their appreciation of his donations.

Due to the pace of the individual’s success and popularity, Jannik featured in the “Euros of Hollywood.” The TV reality series documented six victorious Europeans in Los Angeles. With Jannik’s extraordinary designs and creativity, he and Nialaya are now known far and wide. 

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