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Ready for National App Day? Check out Cluster the New Centralized Hub to Create, Discover, and Join Social Impact Causes

CLUSTER is an on-demand social impact platform that empowers Millennials and Gen Z to create, share, and scale the causes that matter most to them. The new mobile app easily allows users to connect with other like-minded activists as well as create and join volunteer activities in their communities. CLUSTER unites individuals, influencers, and brands to simplify volunteerism and powers social good by helping advocates and creators turn their influence into action. The CLUSTER mobile app is now available for download in the Apple Store and is coming soon to the Google Play Store.  

“The CLUSTER team cannot wait to take on the world’s problems with Millennials and Gen Z at our back,” said CR Celona, Founder and CEO of CLUSTER.  “It’s time for our generations to come together and define the future of our country.”

The CLUSTER team consists of savvy investors, advisors, and award-winning creators and influencers, and has recently closed their seed funding with a lead investment by the Coppel family, one of the largest Latin American retailers with interests in retail emporiums and real estate.  Notable advisors and creators include Actor Taye Diggs, Film & Television Producer Chris Bender, and Screenwriter and Television Producer Tim Kring.

The CLUSTER platform is built to natively integrate brand partnerships with causes that they care most about and the team is honored to be working aside their official launch partners, VolunteerMatch, the City of San Antonio, and Aspiration, a fast-growing financial firm with a conscience dedicated to bringing fair, sustainable banking and investment products to its customers. 

“VolunteerMatch is proud to be an official launch partner to CLUSTER and looks forward to working together to continue to inspire next-generation volunteers through meaningful technology experiences,” said Laura Plato, Chief Solutions Officer of VolunteerMatch. “At this unique time in our country’s history, we could not be more in need of collaborative solutions that engage our young volunteers in the art of community service.”

“Environmental responsibility is at the core of Aspiration’s identity, and CLUSTER provides a platform to engage influencers and change makers to share our offering authentically across social media,” said Andrei Cherny, CEO of Aspiration.

The CLUSTER team has been developing and advancing the platform and content for four years and with the high demand for social change in this country, an unprecedented 100% of the initial seed funding was secured via zoom during the pandemic.  With more than 6 billion volunteer hours logged in 2019*, the younger generation is leading the charge for more active social change in this country and CLUSTER is delivering the platform that will convert that voice into real change not only in their communities but across the globe.  CLUSTER was born out of a need and desire to heal and help in an approachable fashion. Now more than ever individuals are craving change and have developed a newfound desire to give back to their communities. CLUSTER is providing the platform to turn that change into action through authentic and impactful engagement.  

Click the link below to download the CLUSTER mobile app:


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