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Published on December 11th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


YouTube Originals Greenlights Global Documentary Series “Creator Spotlights”

YouTube Originals announced today the rollout and expansion of a new global documentary series, “Creator Spotlights,” which captures and celebrates the stories of YouTube creators who are pushing the boundaries of creative expression, while growing their fanbase in the process. Through intimate documentary-style episodes or “spotlights,” the series paints portraits of diverse creators as they share how leveraging the power of the global platform can transform lives and communities.

“YouTube Originals amplify the voices and content of creators from all backgrounds, all over the world,” said Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Content for YouTube. “The ‘Creator Spotlights’ series is another way we’re able to highlight our diverse creator community through premium content, and further our creators’ ability to tell their stories and grow their audience.”

The global series kicked off with the premiere of popular Japanese beauty creator Maataso’s spotlight (now streaming) and continued with spotlights of three of the UK’s biggest female creators Yammy, ClickForTaz and Saffron Barker (now streaming). The U.S. based “Creator Spotlights” are set to premiere the week of December 14 and will highlight: Deestroying (December 14), Shalom Blac (December 15), Kristopher London(December 16), and Mr. Kate (December 17). Korea-based “Creator Spotlights” include Paik’s Cuisine (December 18), Korea Grandma, and Saebyuk(February 2021); a second spotlight in Japan will focus on VamYun(January 2021). Additional “Creator Spotlights” from other regions, including Canada and India, are forthcoming and slated to launch in 2021.

In the US, Shalom Blac and Mr. Kate spotlights are produced by The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC), an Industrial Media company, with Lighthearted Entertainment producing the Deestroying and Kristopher London spotlights. The UK spotlights are produced by Grain Media. Luminous Seoul is producing the series in Korea. In Japan, Maataso is produced by Nouvelle Médias Co., Ltd. and VamYun is produced by LAMM, Inc.

More on the individual “Creator Spotlights” are included below:

Deestroying (US) – Premieres December 14

After receiving notice of an official violation, Donald “Deestroying” De La Haye was given an ultimatum – stop posting to YouTube or stop playing college football. This Spotlight tells the story of the abrupt ending to Dee’s college football career and follows Dee as he works toward his dream to not only play football professionally, but to also bring his YouTube audience with him on the journey.

Shalom Blac (US) – Premieres December 15

Shalom Blac is a 24-year-old makeup maven from Nigeria who suffered from an oil burn as a child that left her with severe scars. Shalom’s Spotlight shares her powerful story and follows her as she prepares for her first photoshoot with an iconic publication, reflecting on her fears and struggles with loving her true self.

Kristopher London (US) – Premieres December 16

Kristopher London has made a name for himself on YouTube with millions of subscribers, but his first dream was to play professional basketball. After a series of serious injuries derailed his basketball career, he’s determined to give it another run.

Mr. Kate (US) – Premieres December 17

Mr. Kate is Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr – the ultimate DIY interior design couple who share their marriage, open up about raising their child, and perform hundreds of room makeovers for their millions of fans on YouTube. This Spotlight uncovers the origin story behind this creative couple and their unique process.

Paik’s Cuisine (Korea) – Premieres December 18

Chef Paik is one of the most famous chefs in Korea and a successful entrepreneur in the food industry. The Spotlight helps piece together the seminal moments in his life that have led to him to his current position as one of Korea’s most loved YouTube personalities.

Yammy (UK) – Streaming Now

Yammy’s Spotlight introduces her son Dante to her YouTube audience. They spend quality time together in the countryside before filming his first ever appearance on her channel. An authentic documentary that shares the experience of being both a YouTube creator and parent, it’s an unprecedented look into the life of one of the biggest female gamers in Britain.

ClickForTaz (UK) – Streaming Now

Taz will turn the spotlight on her difficult school years, returning to her high school 10 years on, to inspire the students in year 7 with a spoken word performance, meeting key inspirations along the way, including Casey Neistat and poet Suli Breaks.

Saffron Barker (UK) – Streaming Now

Saffron was born hard of hearing and her childhood consisted of numerous operations to restore her hearing. In this exclusive documentary, she explores  the deaf community and issues surrounding hearing loss. With a particular focus on the impact of COVID-19 upon this issue, Saffron raises the importance of transparent face masks and communication  by making a music video to raise awareness and encourage conversation.

Maataso (Japan) – Streaming Now 

In a society where single mothers are systematically disadvantaged and culturally overlooked, Maataso’s story is about a young woman wresting control of her life, with YouTube as the catalyst. In contrast to her comedic on-screen personality, the Spotlight sheds light on Maataso’s struggles of being a single mother creator, but also the inspiration and gratitude she receives for being on YouTube.

VamYun (Japan) – Premiering early 2021

Vambi and Yun are two of the most recognized YouTube creators in traditional media in Japan. Upon having a chance meeting, they began to collaborate frequently – with success – leading them to decide that they would create a new channel together in support of having another chance at life. VamYun’s Spotlight offers a deeply personal tale about overcoming extreme hardships and prejudice with a little luck, lots of perseverance, the support of each other, and discovering a positive outlet in YouTube.

Korea Grandma (Korea) – Premiering early 2021

Korea’s most famous grandmother started YouTube in January 2017 with the suggestion of her granddaughter who wanted to make precious memories with her grandmother. Now, millions of viewers around the world follow Korea Grandma on YouTube. Whether it’s a travel, cooking, fashion, beauty, or vlog video, her love of life has made her one of the most recognizable and inspiring personalities in all of Korea.

Saebyuk (Korea) – Premiering early 2021

Saebyuk is a Korean beauty creator who grew a fan base with her friendly girl next door charm and a deep passion for presentation and beauty. Saebyuk faced negative criticism from inevitable bullying commentators and a life challenge of being diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. However, Saebyuk continued her life as a beauty creator while sharing her journey through chemotherapy. The Spotlight will unveil the inspiring story of her strong willpower and positive mindset despite the challenges.


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