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Published on February 22nd, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Award-Winning LA-Based Artist Duo, Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti Present, Automatiste at London Fashion Week

Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti multimedia artists are delighted to announce their collaboration with gender-neutral Chinese luxury brand, Mithridate, and Creative Director and Designer Demon Zhang. The interactive experiential work entitled Automatiste is being showcased at Mithridate’s AW21 collection at London Fashion Week today 22nd February 2021.

This is the second collaboration between Mithridate and the duo, having presented the brand’s SS21 presentation at London Fashion Week in 2020, which replaced the catwalk for a 35-minute immersive performance installation at London’s Serpentine Galleries–facilitated by MTArt Agency. The title, Automatiste, is derived from the French adjective to describe the Surrealist Automatism method for creating art. Automatiste will plunge viewers around the world into temporary portals portraying the richness, the danger, the beauty and raw honesty of the subconscious mind, a key inspiration for the collection. Ania and Dejha’s work seamlessly weaves the Mithridate AW21 collection pieces into an immersive digital world and AI, the end result and the creative process alike draw from automatism and chance operations to conceptualize a journey into the protagonist’s subconscious inner workings, illusions, memories, and dreams.

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti said of the collaboration, “We cherish being trusted so fully by Mithridate, and that trust is bleeding into the rest of our phenomenal team, who are all pushing the boundaries with their own contributions to make an experience that we all believe will mark a new chapter in the history of fashion, art, and technology. We want to show that digital-only doesn’t need to mean second rate and everyone shouldn’t be sitting around waiting for the ‘real thing’ to happen again. This is the real thing. It’s thrilling to us that anyone with internet access can take this journey with us, share digital space, and be introduced to Mithridate’s collection through our art.”

As one might expect from the critically acclaimed and award-winning art+tech duo, there is no shortage of ambitious and experimental tech going into this multifaceted work. It weaves together performance art, interactive film, augmented reality, poetry, 3D, machine learning, AI, XR and AR face filters, photography, sound, and experimental web design. “It feels like we’re creating a digital opera” say the artists, as they oversee and direct an international team of programmers, artists, producers, musicians, designers, editors, to bring to life their interpretation of the collection’s core themes. Their team is working across Los Angeles, Shanghai, Istanbul, London, Washington DC, Rome, Baltimore and includes musician Tony Cruise, XR artist Aaron Jablonski, 3D artist Curry Tian, and Immersive Kind Studios.

Incorporating some of the most advanced technologies used in fashion to date, the artists stress that innovative use of technology is not the end in itself, only a means to an end. According to the duo, digital-only contexts present just as many exciting possibilities as they do challenges to those willing to open their minds and take risks; which they continue to demonstrate with their boundary-pushing work. Automatiste will be live at 10:45 GMT on Monday, 22 February at London Fashion Week and is accessible via automatiste.mithridate.uk.


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