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25 Brands To Make Your Household Safer, Cleaner And/Or More Fun In Winter 2021

Millions of people — if not billions of people — around the world are still socially-distanced more of the day than not, beyond working from home regularly. For those moments when you and/or yours are outside your home, it is key to feel happy, healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In turn, as exclusive to the website of The Hype Magazine, below are 25 items you can currently order through online retailers to help keep you happy, healthy and/or safe in a variety of ways.


Are you a car enthusiast? An RV-loving adventurer? Or just someone who just wants to clean their vehicle in a hurry? If yes to any/all of the above, then AutoERASERS has you covered, as AutoERASERS makes an instant pre-moistened detailing sponge. In turn, AutoERASERS is the answer to quickly and effectively removing scuffs, dirt, grime — and even stubborn sap, bugs and bird droppings — from any vehicle’s exterior and interior. AutoERASERS come individually-packaged and pre-moistened for on-the-go cleaning–perfect for detailing between washes.

The same brand also makes SneakERASERS, an all-in-one instant cleaner to quickly and easily remove those seemingly impossible smudges and scuff marks from soles and rubber logos without the need for messy applicators, brushes or sprays. For home use, just add water to SneakERASERS and gently rub—no elbow grease required. When the sponge dries, add water to reactivate fully.


Fashion continues have a new twist in 2021 with face masks being a part of the attire. Marcellamoda, known for its New York City-inspired “minimalism with an edge” fashion, offers highly sought-after unisex face masks featuring cotton, nose wires, adjustable ear loops and reusable filters all sourced in Europe. Providing designer style and all day comfort for both women and men, Marcellamoda’s masks make for a wardrobe accessory that keeps you safe while looking good.

Spry by Xlear

Few things are cherished than a beautiful smile, and unfortunately COVID-19-related quarantining still has many people spending less time on their oral health. Spry is a brand of Xlear — pronounced as “clear” — which is reportedly North America’s leading manufacturer of xylitol-based products. In turn, Spry is a fine maker of gums, mints, mouthwashes and toothpastes alike, all of which including a dentist-recommended daily amount of xylitol for both adults and children. Further useful from Xlear is its xylitol-enhanced saline nasal spray. Xlear has over 4,800 reviews on Amazon and is currently sold in over 50,000 pharmacies, grocery stores and online outlets, including Amazon, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, and Walgreens.

Kind Laundry

Kind Laundry produces revolutionary laundry detergent sheets. They are eco-friendly with only 4 super-safe ingredients in total. Thus, it looks to be exactly what we all need to move in the direction of and get away from all that plastic and toxic ingredients. New members of the Kind Laundry mailing list can sign up through the brand’s website and save 10 percent on their first order.

Four Nations Ramen Bowl Set from

Now that Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra are both available on Netflix, it is only appropriate that is exclusively selling “the Four Nations Ramen Bowl Set.” Officially licensed from the Nickelodeon hit series, each of the set’s bowls is made out of ceramic and features a design on the side based on the respective nation. Each bowl also comes with a pair of themed chopsticks, which fit neatly inside of a small notch and hole inside of the bowl. Thus, you can whip up a pot of shoyu ramen and share a meal with benders of every nation. The contents of these sets are prime for everyday use — the bowls are both microwave and dishwasher-safe — yet also work as colorful collectibles for the anime fan in your life.

Anime aside, is an excellent destination for licensed products from all sorts of brands for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. This includes WWE, Doctor Who, Nintendo, Fortnite and Peppa Pig. Something for everyone over there.

Drinkmate Countertop

Drinkmate Countertop is reportedly the only at-home beverage carbonator that allows its user to carbonate “anything” in the fridge. It is easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean with no electricity or batteries required. It features a patented and detachable Fizz infuser and dual-stage valve system, allowing for better control on release of CO2. The Countertop comes with a 3-ounce starter CO2 carbonator so you can start carbonating right away, and it works with the most common brand of 14.5 oz CO2 carbonators out there. Currently available in 3 modern colors — matte black, royal red and ivory white — it is sold through both Amazon and, as sold for $99.99.

Heritage Store’s Rosewater

Heritage Store was reportedly one of the first clean beauty brands, as founded in 1969. With high-profile admirers like Anya Taylor Joy and Selena Gomez, Heritage Store’s Rosewater Facial Mist falls into that “affordable yet high-quality” category for skincare. It has only 2 ingredients — Damask Rose Oil and Vor-Mag Water — making it good for the planet and your skin. This mist is intended to smooth skin irritation, rather than clogging your pores, and aims to reduce acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. You can store it in the fridge to enhance refreshment.

Boomer Naturals’ Face Masks

Boomer Naturals is a full-service wellness company, providing products and services that intend to enhance your well-being and increase your quality of life. With naturally-derived wellness products that can help you overcome symptoms associated with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being challenges, everything from Boomer Naturals is reportedly non-GMO. Its Adult Boomer Silver-Infused Reusable Face Covers are adjustable and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They fully cover your nose and mouth with 3 layers that are comfortable, breathable and suitable for all-day wear. Its soft yet safe material is a 65/35 cotton/polyester blend that is made to prevent droplets from spreading. And of course Boomer Naturals’ face masks follow the requirements of the World Health Organization.

KN95 from Fenrici

If a higher-grade face mask is what you need, the Disposable KN95 Non-Medical Face Mask by Happy Family is comfortable, lightweight and effective, yet appropriate for travel, work, exercise and day-to-day activities alike. With 5 layers of protection, the brand’s masks are breathable with an adjustable nose clip to help fit any face. Its unique coned design keeps the mask away from your face to give you a comfortable fit and effective filtration. Plus, the Disposable KN95 Non-Medical Face Mask is included on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List.

As an added bonus, for every product you purchase from Fenrici, the company donates 5 percent of the proceeds to the non-profit organization Global Genes to fund the research and education of childhood rare diseases. Fenrici partners with brave kids and families to share their stories of determination, hope and selflessness.

Sips By

Sips By is a monthly tea subscription box that helps tea lovers discover their new favorite teas from over 150 global tea brands each month. Each subscription box gets you 4 teas — intended to make at least 16 fresh cups of tea — for $16 monthly, shipping included. Before joining, you will take an online survey with regard to your tea and taste preferences, which then helps Sips By make some tea recommendations for you. They were absolutely spot-on with my shipment earlier this year.

And thanks to Sips By’s recent survey of approximately 40,000 tea-drinking members in the U.S., I have recently discovered some excellent brands of tea, including Happy Turtle Tea, The Republic Of Tea and Tealyra. Further interesting about this survey’s findings is that Staci Brinkman — cofounder and CEO of Sips By — has predicted that in 2021, anti-inflammatory teas will be very popular as the world looks for affordable and accessible remedies to calm the mind and body. Stay tuned.

Country Bathhouse

With body butters, mists, lip care, bath bombs, loofah soaps, scrubs, aromatherapy and massage oils — and even all-natural, organic goodies for your furry friends — Country Bathhouse is a new one-stop destination for all of your bath and body care products. Based out of Minnesota, Country Bathhouse was born out of a desire to find bath products with less chemicals and unnecessarily-harsh ingredients. Husband and wife power duo Brianna Marie and Josh Farrell did not want to expose their 3 children to products that were not safe for their skin, or their tubs and towels for that matter. They started a modest quest to create quality products with affordability in mind, and now 4 years later, they carry over 300 outrageously cool and delightful products for every nook and cranny that needs some cleaning.

For starters, try the brand’s Candy Corn Bath Bomb, as priced at $6. Its bath bombs are made with the same non-staining organic coloring and all hypoallergenic ingredients as its Bubble Rubbles, but with more fizz and fewer bubbles. This Candy Corn offering pops with the scents of vanilla, sweet cream, and orange.

JIBY Dog Crew

JIBY is reportedly the first authentic streetwear brand for dogs that breaks away from the conventional bland colors, tacky designs and knock-off prints many other dog-related streetwear brands are known to favor. In tunr, the JIBY team’s love for dogs, skateboarding and snowboarding has inspired them to create the highest performance dog brand ever made by enhancing the build and materials while staying minimal; in order to keep things light and comfortable for both human and dog.

Attire aside, my favorite offering from JIBY are its “skatebowls.” For its Doodle Dog Skatebowl, JIBY mashed up dog vibes with skate vibes and went down memory lane to add some childhood doodles. The brand’s second collaboration with DC Curated, it truly looks like a pro-quality skatedeck thanks to its 100 percent Canadian maplewood base. It also includes 2 large stainless steel bowls (850ml volume) and a protective coating for water-resistance and durability. If you pre-order the Doodle Dog ASAP, you can still get 10 percent off your order.

The MDRNST Chereskin Boxer Briefs are an underwear style for male consumers who are on the hunt for a premium…

Posted by Quickenews on Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Designed by industry vet Ron Chereskin, MDRNST is a newly-launched mens underwear brand. This tailored trunk is longer than a trunk, which does not ride up, but is shorter than the typical boxer brief. Its wider waistband prevents love handles and the pouch is designed with a delicately-extended inseam, further adding for a level of comfort and support. The Twist Turn Boxer Briefs, for example, are available in aqua blue, light grey and black in sizes small through XL. That and all other offerings I have seen from MRDNST are available via the MDRNST website and priced at $28.00 apiece.

My Mommy Wisdom’s Congestion Bombs

My Mommy Wisdom makesself-care products for both mothers and their littles, including newborns and pregnant women. All of its products use between 2 and 5 all-natural ingredients, including their Congestion Bombs, which come in handy when someone is feeling a little icky. The Bombs help with stuffy noses, congestion, relaxation and sore muscles. And should you be looking for gift sets for an upcoming occasion, the brand has plenty of those available as well. The My Mommy Wisdom website is currently offering a 15 percent off discount for customers who join the brand’s mailing list.

NOMATIC’s All-Day Armor Santizing Spray

NOMATIC, the creators of versatile bags and organizational gear that inspire confidence for people who live on the move, recently developed its All-Day Armor Sanitizing Spray in partnership with Zetrisil. It reportedly kills 99.99 percent of germs, is 100 percent alcohol-free, and includes soothing aloe for your skin. This formula acts fast and gives you up to 24 hours of protection. The All-Day Armor Sanitizing Spray is not just for your hands, as it can be used on the entire body, on your clothes and/or really any surface you may want to disinfect, including a phone, gas pump, mask or door handle. You can easily keep it in a handbag, a backpack or a glove compartment — maybe even a coat or pants pocket.

CTZN Care Sanitizer

CTZN Care is a multi-functional sanitizing solution disrupting the hygiene category in a way that ties back to the CTZN brand. Launched via the in January 2021, the 70 percent alcohol-based formula contains aloe vera juice and acts as an anti-inflammatory while providing hydration and eliminating 99.99 percent of common harmful germs and bacteria in under 20 seconds. It is safe to use on skin, fabrics, surfaces and lip products alike, while free from paragons, microplastics, d5, d4, mineral oil, colorants, formaldehyde donors and surfactants.

The same brand has a GLOBALM on the market. That is a “no-rules, high-shine gloss” you can dab onto just about anywhere. This buildable balm can be used as a stand-alone product to make you gleam bright, or it can be mixed with pigment to create the perfect wet-look. It also happens to be clean, cruelty-free and vegan.

Eczema Honey Bath Bombs

Whether you are looking to energize and rejuvenate or simply soothe the day away, the Eczema Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb is an easy way to get these bath benefits in 1 drop. These are about twice as large compared to normal bath bombs for long-lasting benefits. Pure Food-Grade Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid helps create a protective barrier and lightly exfoliates the skin. Cocoa Butter provides deep moisture that reconditions soft skin as it delights with a rich, warm vanilla and chocolate scent. Colloidal Oatmeal is infused for gentle comfort. Witch Hazel Deep cleansing while restoring suppleness. Essential Oils Perfect combination of oat extract, oatmeal milk, honey oil, and Polysorbate 80.

Also great from the Eczema Honey brand is its Wellbeing Kit. Included is a reusable face-covering, a comfy pair of cotton gloves, and a travel size hand sanitizer. The reusable and washable face covering is triple-layered and a great alternative to disposable face masks, as made in the USA with 100 percent cotton on the outside and a pleated polyester layer in the center. Meanwhile, Eczema Honey’s Nut-Free Skin-Soothing Cream can be applied on all skin types and anywhere on the skin. Once the cream melts into the skin, it creates a moisture barrier that guards and conditions your skin. Using a blend of natural ingredients like beeswax and pure honey for their moisturizing and hydrating properties, a blend of grapeseed oil and sunflower oil act as emollients and deliver additional antioxidants into the skin.

Hawaiian Tropic Bath Bombs

Last month skincare brand Hawaiian Tropic launched a limited-edition collection of bath bombs of 4 different and unique “escapes,” all aiming to transport you from the comfort of your own home to your favorite getaway. The bath bombs are available in The Tropical Retreat, The Desert Oasis, The Hot Springs Sanctuary and The Après Spa offerings. The 4 products all naturally inspiration from the Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Face Sunscreen, which includes earth-friendly botanicals, Vitamin E, coconut oil and essential oils. Consumers can enter for a chance to win a bath bomb — or be one of the lucky winners of “The Golden Bath Bomb,” which includes a luxury vacation for two in 2022 — through March 7, 2021. More details are shown within the Instagram posted embedded above.

Christina Copenhagen

Charm bracelets have been around for as long as we can remember as a jewelry essential for women of all ages. They are perhaps best-known for their versatility, elegance, and story-telling ability. Charmed jewelry remains the favored style of modifiable jewelry that can be shifted for different occasions and moments in your life. Thus, Christina Copenhagen launched MyChristina to bring back the art of charm-making by upping the quality and increasing the selection of charms for people to express their most valuable and sentimental memories, making it one step easier to live a charmed life. And today, Christina Copenhagen is considered the largest and most successful Charm brand in Scandinavia, surpassing Danish Charm Companies Pandora and Trollbeads in their home territory with over 800+ point-of-sale in Denmark alone.

The initial Christina collection in the U.S. will include a variation of jewelry staples that are adaptable to every outfit and event. The collection includes 35+ of their most memorable charms in both silver and gold, 3 types of bracelets — chain, bangles and leather — and exclusive anklets and bracelets. Also included is their famous “Connection” necklaces, as well as the entire “My Marguerite” Collection, as featuring the Danish national flower, the Daisy. The Christina line of products have launched via the official website, and are also available through select partners including The Art Of Elysium and

Dad Joke Face-Off

Father’s Day is just a few months away, but thanks to UltraPro Playroom you may be able to get your Father’s Day 2021 gift shopping done months in advance. Dad Joke Face-Off is the game with some of the best worst jokes you have ever heard, which can be great for creating engagement between the kids and dad. Inspired by the hit Internet sensation known as “dad jokes,” 2 players sit face-to-face and take turns telling jokes. Read a joke off of your card and do so WITHOUT SMILING OR LAUGHING, while trying to get your opponent to crack. It contains 600 dad jokes and can suit between 2 and 12 players with an average play time of 30 minutes per game. Now available via Amazon at the price of $20.00.

Coco Loom Turkish Towels

Coco Loom is a brand to get to know in 2021. Turkish towels have been experiencing a huge comeback thanks to their versatility and ease of use, and this new brand is making a splash — pun intended — with its gorgeous artisan versions that stand out from the rest. Artisans from Brooklyn, England and Turkey have collaborated with Coco Loom to feature their artful designs on these 100 percent organic yet lightweight Turkish towels. Each long-lasting towel comes in its own handmade cotton travel pouch with a hanging loop for easy drying and zero waste. Thus, the more you wash the towel, the softer and more absorbent it gets. Furthermore, all of Coco Loom’s towels exceed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, ensuring that they are safely-produced and do not contain any allergic substances.

LumiCharge II LED Desk Lamp

The LumiCharge II LED is an all-in-one desk lamp, simultaneously exuding modernity, sophistication and overall minimalistic presence. It includes 3 hues — cool, warm and yellow — and levels of brightness, directional lighting, and a built-in-motion sensor. It also comes with a convenient universal charging dock to charge all types of phones and can charge 2 phones at once. Newly-added feature since the previous edition of this device include an upgraded calendar display, a temperature display, and a dimmable calendar with alarm options. Earlier this month I began using the LumiCharge II for lighting video-based interviews I have been taping for the Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz, so many thanks go to LumiCharge for creating such an efficient multi-purpose device.


With over 30 years’ experience, REFRESH has dedicated decades of research to eye health and offers a full line of lubricant eye drops, ointments and gel drops for use daytime, nighttime and anytime in-between. REFRESH DIGITAL is a new lubricant eye drop formulated to specifically relieve dryness and irritation that may occur from prolonged screen time. Because let’s face it, from scrolling through social media feeds, to video conferences for work and school, to relaxing with television and video games, Americans are spending approximately 13 hours a day on some type of digital device. REFRESH DIGITAL features proprietary HydroCell technology that supports all 3 layers of the tear film to keep eyes hydrated. Reportedly good for all types of eyes.


Last but definitely not least… MaskTite is a medical grade double-sided tape you put inside your facemask so that the mask fits better and your glasses do not fog up. It reportedly works with any mask, no matter the material, size or recommended disposability. Its medical-grade tape was developed specifically for skin contact, and it is both hypoallergenic and latex-free. MaskTite is produced by a small business in Wisconsin yet sold on Amazon.

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