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Introducing Travel Tips From ‘Trip With Tiff Travel’

Tiffany Vinson is the owner-operator of Trip With Tiff Travel, LLC. Tiffany’s love of travel began after becoming a flight attendant with Delta Airlines. Despite the fear of having never flown before, she thrived through the training-nervous yet determined-and subsequently became one of six to complete her certification from an original sixty candidates!

The nervousness was very soon replaced by excitement and intrigue after traveling to a variety of destinations and from this, her love of travel was born. Though there had been an indication of this through her previous positions in banking and finance, Tiffany soon realized that she also loved stewardship and helping people. From this, Travel With Tiff was born and her commitment to detail and providing exceptional, customized service carries over to her work with her own customers today.

In addition to her personal passion for the regions served, Travel With Tiff is designed to focus on two specialty areas-cruises and the Caribbean. In having a direct focus on specific areas, Tiffany is able to direct attention to the smallest of details and form meaningful partnerships with resorts and vendors at destinations willing to make her customer’s experiences as great as they can be.

As a wife and mother of two young men, Tiffany loves spending time with family and friends realizing that family gatherings and quality time with loved ones are the makings to enjoying life! Tiffany was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 and while it affects her mobility, she refuses to allow it to dictate how she spends her day. Aside from operating her own business, she still fully enjoys travel, with her family and friends and encourages others to thrive in their current situations and ‘live their best lives’!

Summertime is approaching and millions are ready to hit the beach, catch flights, and have their passports stamped. Trip With Tiff wants to offer tips to stay safe while traveling.

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.. here a few travel tips.

1. Hire a trusted Travel Advisor look for agents that specialize in the area that you are interested in traveling. Travel advisors are essentially the “plug” they are familiar with destinations and vendors that aren’t advertised. Travel advisors are your eyes and ears that are there to plan.

2.  Travel Insurance: Always look to protect your financial investment… most travel insurance companies offer policies that offer Medical Insurance, Trip Interruption, Trip Delays, and Cancel For Any Reason” est. Travel Insurance can be used for hotel, home rentals and international getaways.

3.  When traveling it’s always a best practice to make copies of your passport, medications, emergency contact information on hand.

4.  Traveling as a group, staying as a group is always good in ensuring that everyone is safe.

Stay tuned for more traveling tips…. with Tiff

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