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Published on April 15th, 2021 | by Jones


Lucidious Has “Deja Vu” With Dynamic New Single

Established independent hip-hop artist Lucidious debuted at #17 on the iTunes Top 40 Hip-Hop Tracks this week with his single “Deja Vu” – released on April 8. Following the release of his powerful single “Grammy Weeknd”  that stood up against industry gatekeepers, the new single is yet another compelling release from Lucidious that focuses on mental health. With clever rhymes and top quality production, “Deja Vu” explores the masks we all wear to cover the various mental states we may be in, and shows how that hidden identity can affect a person. His previous singles, like “On the Surface” and “Only Human” are continuing to be hits with diehard fans and outside audiences alike – garnering millions of streams.

The innovative rapper is owning 2021 with release after release, all proving that artists can become highly successful without the help of major contracts. Lucidious is also an entrepreneur in addition to his music career. From running his own label, Lucidious Music, to venturing into the digital world with ArtistHub and NVOKO, he has perfectly captured the essence of what it means to be a powerhouse. After gaining over half a million Spotify listeners, Lucidicous is continuing the momentum to be a leader in the industry who fights against the dominating forces that too often beat down independent artists.

Lucidious is an entrepreneur and hip-hop artist from outside the Washington, D.C. area. Currently located in Los Angeles, he has built a fanbase in the hundreds of thousands, and has totaled over 100 million streams across all available platforms. He has built his fanbase and streaming growth with zero label investment, zero playlist placement, and zero outside marketing influence. Songs by Lucidious are streamed millions of times each month by listeners around the world. His music takes a strong stand on mental health awareness, personal struggles, and the pressure that many people face in our fast-paced, tech-driven society. Despite his focus on running an indie label, Lucidious Music, he has spent years mastering social media marketing and entered into the world of artist development.

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