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Published on April 30th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Pop-Crooner Jeffery James Cuts Through the Noise with Latest Release “Small Talk”

We live in a world where we miss so much simply because of what we don’t say to each other. Pop-crooner and songwriter, Jeffrey James, addresses skipping the awkward first steps in his latest release, “Small Talk,” available now wherever you find great music.

Small Talk” co-written by Jeffrey and Jackson Dimiglio-Wood, who also produced the track, explores the idea that we waste a lot of time and sometimes miss out on genuine connection by relying solely on introductory niceties. What if there is more commonality between two people than their thoughts on the weather? Think of what a more grounded and understanding place we would all be in if we could only skip the “Small Talk.”

“‘Small Talk’ was actually a really easy song to write! After all this time social distancing, I had been thinking about how long it had been since I’d been on a first date, and how awkward I used to feel on first dates and first interactions in general,” says Jeffrey. “Lyrically, I tried to channel the often times mindless small talk from my first couple dates with my partner, who I’ve been with now for nine years, and the connection she and I made once we got past all that. And isn’t that the story for humans in general? If we get past the polite BS and robotic pleasantries, maybe we would actually make a connection and grow to understand each other better.”

Alongside the release of “Small Talk” to all digital streaming platforms, Jeffrey is also releasing the track’s intimately shot and beautifully choreographed music video. For the video, directed by Andy Tomlinson, Jeffrey tapped dancers, Lauren Williamson and Deavon Walden, to bring his story to life.

“The music video was so fun to film! I love that when you tell a story through dance, it allows each viewer to interpret the story in their own personal way. I wanted two dancers to act out being on a first date. And I wanted the scene to feel more conceptual than real. Because those interactions really take place in our heads. We play them back over and over again. Whether they were good or bad. All the other details kind of fade away and all you remember are the small awkward moments we obsess about. I told the choreographers and dancers, Lauren Williamson and Deavon Walden, my idea, and they absolutely nailed it, and added their own style!”

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