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Published on April 6th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Taking Over the Internet and Social Media With Zane Comer, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of 1-800-NUMBER

1-800-NUMBER is an Internet studio dedicated to creating viral and iconic moments that are taking over social media in the blink of an eye. 1-800-NUMBER is a relatively young company, but Zane and his crew managed to break the YouTube record for ‘most views in 24 hours’ with famous rapper 6ix9ine’s ‘GOOBA’ video.

Visionary and entrepreneur Zane Comer co-founded 1-800-NUMBER. According to Zane, the inspiration for creating such a business came when he noticed that there is a massive void that exists in the entertainment industry—a gap between content creation and business sustainability.

Ever since the Internet became the mainstream tool for marketing, experts had to keep up with the enormous leaps in technology and ever-changing trends. Their job became even more difficult in the late 2000s and early 2010s when social media hype took over the world.

Zane points out that, 50 years ago, marketing pitches were aimed at the general public and average consumers. With the rise of dot-com businesses, media consumption habits shifted toward individual consumerism, which enabled the rise of direct-to-consumer business models.

“We’ve noticed the massive void in entertainment that exists, in general, between content creation and business sustainability. Also, when you notice that media consumption habits have shifted the market to enable direct-to-consumer touchpoints, the solution becomes obvious: combine the two and create the marriage of art and commerce,” says Zane.

Zane is the mastermind behind unique and viral content, but Jesse Guglielmo, co-founder and EVP of Growth, is the mastermind behind the business side of things. Jesse is the person who, according to Zane, “ensures that ideas can be brought to life.” As an EVP of Growth, Jesse’s job is to “oversee operations, analyze the trends, and gather invaluable insights that provide a strategic foundation on which ideas can be conceived.”

Jesse says, “At 1-800-NUMBER, we are focused on seizing this rare chance to accelerate the connection between creators and consumers by making these moments iconic. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and it would be a shame not to seize it.”

1-800-NUMBER is writing a historical chapter in the timeless clash of art and commerce, and as they are in full swing, they are looking at every opportunity to expand. As Zane further points out, the company is always keeping an eye out for aspiring and

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