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Published on May 5th, 2021 | by Guest Author


Social Media Star India Love Launches Only Fans to Showcase “Day-in-the-Life” Content 

Confident, charismatic, and irresistibly charming, India Love has made quite a name for herself in the spotlight. After gaining recognition for her epic Tumblr blog, to growing her social media following to nearly 5 million and appearing on BET’s The Westbrooks, India’s influence is undeniable – and she’s using it to connect with her fans in the most meaningful ways.

“I’m truly just trying to do my part in this world and I take the position I’m in as something that God put in front of me to magnify what I’m going through, relate to others, and turn it into whatever he wants it to be,” India exclusively tells The Hype Magazine. Her admiral desire to support her fans through the power of social media has elevated India and helped her build a brand that’s long-lasting, and always evolving. India was approached by a producer in 2015 to dive into a reality TV show with her family, helping extend her goal of connecting people and bringing authenticity to the industry. Although she hasn’t appeared on the small screen in quite some time, India is now expanding more than ever. She’s looking forward to welcoming fans back into her world by launching her Only Fans, and utilizing the platform to showcase all that’s going on in her world as she’s expanding. However this time, it’s welcome back to India’s world with no holds barred!

“I was motivated to start an Only Fans based on the fact that I wanted to be more engaged with the people that are engaged with me,” the fashionista explains. “For example, not just the people that like my sh*t on Instagram, but the people that are extremely dedicated and involved in me. I also love that it’s a platform where you can be freely yourself, and people can contribute to that. They contribute to the content that I make, and to the lifestyle that I live.

So what can India’s fans expect her Only Fans “day-in-the-life” content to be like? “Intimate, raw, me being myself and in my element. I like to push boundaries, I like to creatively make my body art. I see it as a good table to self express who I really am as an adult,” she discloses, noting her excitement to join a platform that won’t limit her freedom of speech as a creative. “Everyone’s seen me in my teen years, but as an adult, they haven’t seen me fully because I can’t be myself on Instagram, given the rules and regulations. Now I get to be totally me without censorship” 

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