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Published on July 1st, 2021 | by Guest Author


An Inside Look at Betty Palomino’s Skyrocketing Career

Betty Palomino is the strong-willed CEO of ECG Contractors and B & S Roofing Supply. With dedication and devotion, she has transformed her company into one of the best roofing supplies within the city of Atlanta. However, besides being the captivating businesswoman that she is, her life story is filled with struggles. Speaking to a woman like Palomino proves that it takes optimism and willpower to make it out of times of adversity.

Palomino, who is originally from Colombia, first arrived in America in 2000. Her first job was in the construction industry, as she worked on cleaning houses right after being built. In 2006 however, Palomino was in a sledding accident that left her legs paralyzed. Doctors told her that it would be impossible for her to walk again, but she refused to accept it. With her will to live and motivation to get better for her children, staying in bed with pessimistic thoughts was not an option. The doctors recommended occupational therapy, but Palomino instead took matters into her own hands by trying alternative methods. Although it was both physically and mentally draining, the entire experience redefined her perspective on life. Palomino knew that if she wanted to change her future, she had to work on getting her ability to walk again in the present.

For Palomino, family means everything. It was her children who kept her going in such a tragic time of her life, and it is her children who keep her going to strive within her successful career. Being the go-getter she is when it comes to achieving her goals, Palomino hopes to pass down the importance of discipline, hard work, and a good attitude. Life can be unpredictable, but Palomino has never let her shortcomings triumph. Besides being able to teach herself how to walk again, she built a successful career. By taking several positions when she was a new immigrant, she worked her way up within the construction industry by connecting with Hispanic customers. As a successful CEO for two companies today, Palomino is excelling within her career and as a woman entrepreneur.

Recently, Palomino made a television appearance on Telemundo to discuss her inspirational story. She describes her experience of going out in public to share her story of self-improvement with thousands of people as meaningful. “One can overcome any adversity if one wishes to do so,” says Palomino. While working on her personal brand, Palomino is also writing an autobiography chronicling all her life events and detailing how she transformed her perspective to become who she is today. “It’s a motivational story about how I got up and smiled at life again.”

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