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Published on July 8th, 2021 | by Bianca Nilsson


Cassidy Palm Releases Debut Single ‘One Day’

16-year-old Australian self-taught artist Cassidy Palm focuses on creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere through her music. Her debut single ‘One Day’ written by both herself and her younger sister showcases the connections made through music that Cassidy really values and works hard to achieve. 

Cassidy really appreciates the way music has the power to bring people together and intends to create an atmosphere for her listeners to enjoy and make memories through. 

  ‘One day’ is a song written by Cassidy Palm and her younger sister Addison. Cassidy has always had a passion for singing whilst Addison has been incredibly talented with writing songs and music to back it. Over the phone, this song was produced in one hour using Garage Band and FaceTime to keep in contact throughout the covid-19 situation. The song is about an unstable, one sided relationship where the partner still in love is waiting for the day they come back, hence the lyric “I’ll see you again one day”. 

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