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Published on July 8th, 2021 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Happy Jewelers: A Family Tradition Carried on From Turkey to California

A family business is often a legacy like no other. For the Arik family, the jewelry industry in Sothern California has come to recognize their name as a force in custom jewelry. When Isa Arik moved his jewelry business from Istanbul to California in the 1990s, little did he know that his sons, Gabe and Danny, would follow in his footsteps as an entrepreneur and open their own store in 2000. That is just the beginning of Happy Jewelers.

In the 1970s, Isa Arik, father of Gabe and Danny, was a fixture at the bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, as he sold his fine diamond jewelry. Always observing, assisting, and learning from him were his two boys. “Our father taught us that if you want things in life, you have to work hard to obtain them; nothing is free,” Gabe states. When the Arik family moved to California in the 1990s, it gave Isa a chance to expand his own business, and, eventually, give Gabe and Danny the platform and ability to open Happy Jewelers.

The life of an entrepreneur has always come naturally to Gabe and Danny Arik. Being able to serve others in any way possible has been a drive of their success since the beginning. In the jewelry industry, a piece can hold much more sentimental value than it presents at face value. For Happy Jewelers, being able to perfectly enrapture whatever that sentiment may be in a piece has always been a top priority.

Customer service for Happy Jewelers may just be the cornerstone on which the business operates. Aiming for total satisfaction in every interaction they are a part of, Happy Jewelers fulfills every request they are capable of and always go above and beyond a customer’s expectations. The ability to operate in this manner due to the autonomy they possess in terms of manufacturing. Owning a facility themselves, the Arik brothers are able to oversee every step in the creation and delivery of a customer’s piece.

With the business model for Happy Jewelers established, the Arik brothers are now focused on furthering the family tradition to the next generation of their family. Their wives and children have become vital parts of the Happy Jewelers operation, and Gabe and Danny are looking to instill the same values in their children that their father once did in them. Together, as a family, the Ariks are changing the lives of each of their customers.

“That’s what I love,” Gabe shares, “helping people create a symbolic memory.”

Learn more about Happy Jewelers at their website and explore their impressive collection of jewelry via their Instagram.

Website: https://happyjewelers.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyjewelers/

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