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Josh Teed – The Journey East

Josh Teed is a versatile, classically trained, and technical musician. He picked up the violin at the tender age of 3 years old, going on to win the Florida Fiddle Championship at 9. Upon discovering electronic music, he began exploring his talents further and intertwining them with his newfound interest. His productions pay tribute to some of his electronic influences such as Charlesthefirst, CloZee and Govinda while still remaining unique and properly showcasing his vast expertise in instrumentalism. His live sets incorporate violin, didgeridoo, and live analog synthesis overlaid on top of every element of a great DJ set, keeping listeners engaged and entranced for every second he has the stage. In June of 2020 Josh launched the Taiga Collective, a nonprofit label centered around melodic and world bass music. Taiga Collective provides an avenue for talented, like minded musicians to release their music with all profits going to wildlife conservation. Although a lot has changed, Josh still keeps the same vision he started out with. Josh Teed aims to push the envelope and break the seams between bass music and live instrumentation, blending the two effortlessly to take listeners on a tangible, palpable journey through an eclectic variety of soundscapes and grooves. His EP The Journey East is an intricate look into his experimental collaborations between a multitude of other producers including MORiLLO, Bastion and more. 

Silk Road” traverses rhythmic environments with its worldly and organic elegance with the help of Lil Fish. Josh Teed pairs up with MORiLLO and Brad Hester with “Crescent Bounce”, an exploration through sound with the tracks genre-bending deep dub soundscapes featuring in-your-face lyricism and flowing instrumentals. “Vibration” comes onto the album with an experimental flair, bathed in bouncy and slicing bass. Josh Teed recruits Skysia for “Introspection”, inhabiting an intricate and emotive spirit with a touch of meditative calm. Steady Steppin” invites Bastion onto the EP with its adventurous, island expression; immersed in steel drums and celebratory euphoria. Lowcation joins for “Circle of Life”, employing a spiritual escape with an adventurous finesse that basks in rhythmic bass and collaborative prosperity. “Alive” closes the EP with dreamy and melodic vibrations with concluding collaborator, just john. Emotive vocal swells add a layer of diverse musical territories, entrancing the listener to the very end.


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