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Rhyme Report

Published on July 30th, 2021 | by Al Geiner



Music collective One House Worship returns after their debut EP earlier this year with a brand new single in “Victory,” a rousing and joyful  anthem of positivity and perseverance.  One House Worship may be identified as a contemporary Christian group, but with their music, they’re trying to inject some new life into the  landscape that is gospel music. This was very apparent with their previous EP, “He Always Provides,” which combined aspects of modern and traditional Christian music to great effect, and this carries over to   “Victory” as well.

“Victory” is musically a very dense and rich song, with heavy use of synths giving the song an atmospheric, almost larger-than-life  soundstage. It gives the song a lot of breathing room to play around with musical ideas, with the pioneering tune being a solid synth lead  that stays throughout the majority of the song.

A lead guitar plays its part in giving the song a bunch of memorable and  catchy riffs, though it’s more of a supplementary role to the synths. This also goes for the bass guitar, which gets small glimmers to shine while remaining in the background. A heavy synth beat carries throughout  the single, with normal drums occasionally dipping in for some more  complex sounds.  The single relishes in building up to soaring climaxes with every single  chorus, and it does a great job of it one-upping itself with every  concurrent chorus. Vocals are embellished with echo, making them soar,  and it’s all wrapped up in a clean and well-produced package. It’s a bop  that’s sure to get people grooving.

Speaking of the vocals, they’re very interesting. The male vocals take a  bit of a backstage, being softer and contributing more to the feel of the song as opposed to taking command of it. It leaves room for the powerful female vocals to dominate the song, and it’s honestly a good  choice on their part. The female voice truly makes the choruses work,  while the male voice does an excellent job building up to the strong climaxes.  The positive message of the song comes through loud and strong, without  being too blunt. Smartly written lines like “All chains erased, we stand completely free” give the song triumphant energy, and they’re delivered   with proficiency and finesse.

“Victory” is a great single and a showcase song for One House Worship ….The music group carries a bright torch for the future of gospel andcontemporary Christian music, and we can’t wait to see what they come up  with next.

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