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Published on August 6th, 2021 | by Bianca Nilsson


Grand Scheme and Taiaha Team Up For ‘Meditate-Elevate’

Grand Scheme and Taiaha are both artists hailing from the Deep South of South Australia. Co-founders and contributors to the OmCharm Fellowship movement, the two are not new to the game having collaborated on numerous projects over the years performing at venues all around the state & even setting up private events of their own.
Their latest collaboration; MEDITATE·ELEVATE –Taiaha delivers an enchanting, melodic chorus. Followed closely Grand Schemes punchy vocal delivery throughout the verses. A display of ever-changing flows and technical writing ability Grand Scheme expresses views on the current state of the local scene in a sign of the times kind of narrative. The message of the song being to keep it be real! Meditate·Elevate

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