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Published on September 17th, 2021 | by Brittney Boston


Dax Releases Propaganda Featuring Tom MacDonald (Music Video)

The Two BIGGEST independents come together once again with a powerful track shedding light on the media and what most Americans go through on a daily basis. We hope that this music with a message gets the proper attention it deserves.

(Photo Credit: Dax)

Dax on the collaboration:

“Propaganda was inspired by the current state of the world. The truth is fleeting and with all the outlets, individuals with platforms, and jostling for attention,it’s getting harder to separate what’s real from what’s fake. Everyone’s truth is not always reality, so that why the hook is simply “All I see is propaganda”! Tom was the perfect feature because he stands for something and we’re both independent. It’s a perfect mix. Our realities may be different,but our purpose is the same…To impact.”

Tom MacDonald on the collaboration:

“The world is going through unprecedented change right now. Amidst all the chaos and corruption…I think many people are desperate for a beacon of truth to shine through all the confusion. Our media has hyper-politicized health care, personal choice and almost every crucial social issue that people face these days…propaganda has become so consistent and cleverly distributed…it’s become almost indistinguishable from the actual facts. It’s always special when Dax and I get on a record together…I think with the new song, “Propaganda”, we were able to shed some light on what people are going through and maybe even provide a little clarity.”

Check out the music video here:


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