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Osman Osman’s Blu Blood Becomes South Africa’s Leading Player in Lifestyle and Management Services

The way certain industries are moving their way to the top often makes us wonder who those individuals and the powerful forces are that are leading these industries to exponential levels of success. These individuals make sure to put every possible effort to create their success story and enthral people in more ways than one.

We came across one such passionate individual in Osman Osman, who is a versatile professional, serial entrepreneur and the co-owner of the Northern Warriors cricket team in Abu Dhabi. This man, along with his wife Shaaista Khan Osman, has been changing the landscape of lifestyle, event management and entertainment industry in multiple ways with their firm “Blu Blood”.

The South-African power couple have over 35 years’ of rich experience in marketing, communications, hospitality and logistics. Osman (MD) and Shaaista (CEO) , through their out of the box ideas and professionalism, built Blu Blood in South Africa into a competitive and innovative lifestyle and event management company specializing in an ever-growing variety of services, driven by a dynamic team of industry experts.

Osman, who had humble beginnings, always wanted to do something of his own, something that could give him the career and life he desired. This took him into the entertainment space. His experiences with events and productions across comedy, theatre, sports and music, and his desire to earn good money landed him with temporary work at a community event, where he realized he belonged to the entertainment and events business. He did a Diploma in International Management Marketing and still feels life has been the best university so far.

After meeting his wife through a mutual friend, both realized how passionate they felt for what they did and hence, decided to come together as partners in life and in business, which resulted in Blu Blood, which was born during the Confederation and World Cups of 2010. It originally started as a concierge company that had contracts with FIFA and big multi-national brands. The company has become a household brand in the South African and sub-Saharan African markets, offering top-quality and high-profile acts to their stages.  Continuing to build their empire, Blu Blood launched their Middle East base in 2019.

Apart from several live shows and productions, they have also collaborated with internationally renowned comedians, including Orlando Jones and Russell Peters. They have produced various shows for the likes of Joey Rasdien, Conrad Koch, Marc Lottering, Loyiso Gola and Nik Rabinowitz and Tumi Morake and Riaad Moosa’s one-man shows for Netflix’s Comedians of the World series, Tumi Morake’s Tumi or Not Tumi and Riaad Moosa’s Doctor’s Orders, both of which were released on Netflix. Osman Osman also has been a part of the hit South African feature film, Material and Material 2, as the producer for the latter, with the next instalment releasing in October 2021 in South Africa. In 2017, Osman moved gears from entertainment to sports and became South African team co-owner of the T20 Cricket Global League (Pretoria Mavericks). More recently, he has become one of the team owners for the current champions Northern Warriors of the Abu Dhabi T20 Cricket League.

Shaaista, on the other hand, powered by Blu Blood, continues to create a platform to empower individual women through pivotal joint ventures with other inspired women for building sustainable projects.

Both Osman and Shaaista have been taking the lifestyle, event management and entertainment industries by storm in their own unique way.

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