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Published on September 14th, 2021 | by Marilyn Reles


R&B Star Zaniya Is Here To Make A Statement With Her New Single “Not Sorry”

New Pop star, and First Lady of No Breaks Entertainment, Zaniya – hailing from Trenton, New Jersey returns with a new video for her addictive new single “Sorry Not Sorry” produced by Grammy Nominated Producers Bizkit & Butta.

On this new single, Zaniya gives us a song that everyone can relate to. From the moment you press play, Zaniya wants you to “receive a dose of self confidence and a new affirmation for yourself”.

The song and visual came together after an amazing trip to Hollywood, where she worked in the studio with Bizkit & Butta, and then shot the video the same week. Directed by Anze Skrube, Zaniya worked on choreography, recorded the song, and shot the video all in the same week!

“If the quarantine had never happened I don’t think I’d be where I am in my music career.”

As we all have endured numerous changes in the last year, Zaniya says “You could say the Quarantine was an influence. I felt blessed to be given more free time and work on my craft 24/7.” As a young black woman in the music industry, Zaniya is strengthening her journey with God, building her confidence, and having to make more difficult decisions when it comes to her business, and brand she realizes more that where she’s going, she can’t be sorry.

Enjoy this new sound and visual from the future of this genre, and remember “You’re not sorry about anything. You don’t owe an apology for anything nor anyone. You own everything you do and you’re certain about it.”

About Zaniya

Zaniya was born Kiara Ponton on June 26, 1999 in Trenton, NJ. Zaniya has a deep passion for academics, her favorite being Mathematics, she managed to stay on the honor roll from kindergarten to her senior year in high school. Zaniya’s upbringing in the church, she was organically influenced by the angelic vocals from the choir, the shy quiet girl would harmonize along with the choir. Her mother started to notice her unique sound and later introduced her into playing the guitar; she believed it would increase Zaniya’s singing. As she continued to play the guitar, she began writing poetry, and she started to release her magic.

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