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Published on September 3rd, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Tessa Rae Drops Her New Single “i don’t miss you”

LA-based singer/songwriter, Tessa Rae, recently released her single, “i don’t miss you”. The song is available to stream on all platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Growing up in Oakland, Tessa Rae gravitated towards songwriting at a very young age. It wasn’t until after high school that she realized pursuing music was a real possibility. Her music is homegrown, created in the comfort of her living room, with inspiration as eclectic as Johnny Cash, The Kinks, and Mazzy Star. Rae has no sense of boundaries for her sound. She believes authenticity is key, stating, “No cookie-cutter pop team is writing my music. Just me and my best friend doing what we love”. 

With her soft dream-like vocals, Tessa Rae likens herself to a chameleon, shape-shifting effortlessly from one genre to the next. With a sense of wanderlust in her creation, Rae believes her music is forever evolving and growing as her sense of identity sharpens. In 2017, Tessa Rae dropped her very first record titled “Seventeen”. It has received over  390K streams on Spotify and has been picked up by the established music discovery site Pigeons and Planes.  Since then, Rae has released music sparingly, but to much acclaim from outlets such as Ones To Watch, EARMILKClash Music, Atwood, and more.  

In her most recent release, “Drunk Eyes”, which premiered on Flaunt Magazine, Tessa reminisces over the loss of innocence associated with an unhealthy relationship. Her latest release, “Bye Boy”, is a dramatic synth-wave power ballad. Tessa notes that her single “i don’t miss you is anthemic indie rock at its core. It’s the moment you  realize you don’t need the person you’ve been longing for all along.” 

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