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Published on September 3rd, 2021 | by Al Geiner


ZTILO “Peligrosa”

The latest single from rising R&B artist ZTILO shows the promising singer embracing his Latino roots with ‘Peligrosa’, a smooth and upbeat  jam that’s brimming with swagger and personality. Fascinatingly, ‘Peligrosa’ is going to be a cut from ZTILO’s upcoming debut EP, titled ‘No Hard Feelings’, which will see an October 2021 release. Perhaps it’s a good thing then that this single makes a strong  impression.

Promising songs always need to start strong, and ‘Peligrosa’ wears its Latino influences on its sleeve in this regard, opening with some fittingly smooth Spanish guitars. It’s a fantastic way to begin the  song, really setting the mood for what’s to come in the rest of the Single. Musically things are kept on the lighter side, leaning towards clean and uncluttered instrumentals. A bass guitar in the background gives the sound stage some body volume, while the appropriately classic Latino styled percussion maintains a steady rhythm throughout the entire tune. That’s not to say there’s anything bad about it however. In fact, leaving the instrumentals a bit more sparse was a smart choice that helps keep the focus on ZTILO’s great vocal performance here. From his very first line in the song, he maintains a very steady and smooth style  of delivery that’s unique and right at home with the atmosphere the song  builds up to. The production on here is also some very impressive stuff. As we mentioned earlier, musically the song is sparse, but it’s also incredibly polished and clean. Every single instrument comes through clearly without clashing with any element of the song. On top of that,  everything blends together to enhance the ambiance in ‘Peligrosa’ perfectly. A lot of care was put into the production here, that much is clear.

Overall, “Peligrosa” is yet another solid smooth R&B tune from ZTILO. As far as promising artists go, ZTILO has already proven his worth with many strong singles even before his debut EP. At the rate and quality the rising Latino artist is releasing at, we can’t wait for ‘No Hard Feelings’ to drop in October and see just what he has in store for us.


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