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Published on October 8th, 2021 | by Jessica Williams


Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm’s New Release”Codefendant (First Day Out)

After beating a life sentence, North Miami Beach rapper, Fettiboyz Dinera Jerm, just released his new single “Codefendant (First Day Out).”

Recently Fettiboyz Dinera Jerm faced a possible life sentence for an armed robbery that he did not commit. He and his younger brother spent the past 31 months in jail fighting for their freedom against this crime. After proving their innocents in the courtroom, their charges were dropped and they were finally  set free.

Now with his feet planted firmly on free ground, he tells his harrowing story on runaway single “Codefendant (First Day Out).” Over melodic, mid-tempo, R&B-tinged production, he retells the nightmarish ordeal that cost him two-and-a-half years of his life that he can never get back.  Candid, chilling and intense, the single is a firsthand account of how so many American citizens have been railroaded into a crooked penal system. The cinematic music video to “Codefendant (First Day Out)” is just as captivating.

As telling as his lead single is, this is simply a reintroduction back to the spotlight for Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm. Before their unfortunate brush with fate, he and his crew of rappers Fettiboyz already grew a faithful following of South Florida fans.  But just as his momentum began to rise, is when Jerm and his brother got caught up in an armed robbery charge that claimed 31 months of their lives. Now with all of that in his rear-view mirror, Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm is back with a vengeance with his powerful new single.

On “Codefendant (First Day Out)” Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm shows raw talent delivering lyrics about his actual life. This is another reminder of the heat coming out of the Miami area from rappers with a Haitian background. Check out “Codefendant (First Day Out) now available on all streaming platforms. In addition to the single release, Fettiboyz Dinero Jerm has released the official “Codefendant (First Day Out) music video.

Check out the Official video for “Codefendant (First Day Out)” on YouTube.

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