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Grammy-winning R&B Artist evrYwhr on His Latest Single “Tie Dye”, His Songwriting Process, and Having His Music Featured in the 2020 Election.

Michigan-born singer and songwriter evrYwhr (real name Michael Jefferson) has spent his life in love with all things music, starting with the discovery of his father’s old Stax and Motown records at age 5. Fast forward a few years –  the budding artist had just completed a degree in sales and marketing at Western Michigan University, when the inner call to pursue his dreams became too strong to ignore. In a bold move, evrYwhr made the decision to relocate to the city of angels to chase his dreams, despite initially knowing no one there at the time.

It didn’t take long before evrYwhr found himself collaborating with artists like Leona Lewis, Mila J, and Aaron Carter; even going on to have two co-writes on Lacrae’s Grammy-winning gospel album “Gravity” in 2012. His move to LA not only earned him a successful career, but it also had a profound personal impact, including the birth of his son Zion. He explains “The community I uncovered on the West coast has been a garden bed for my growth over the last 10-years. I’ve discovered deeper layers of my truth on the coastline where the ocean waves molded my being like the shore”.

In homage to his love of his adopted home, and the communities that welcomed evrYwhr with open arms, he’s released a stunning visual for his soulful new single “Tie Dye”. With picturesque scenes of LA’s beaches, palm-tree lined cityscape, and BBQ’s with friends, you’ll instantly feel transported to the warm and inviting vibes of the West Coast. 

We caught up with evrYwhr to discuss the new single, his inspiring career, and delve into the creative process of songwriting. 

Congratulations on the new single and video “Tie Dye”. I loved that you used a metaphor to encourage your listeners to be “free-flowing like the colors of the tie dye pattern”. What inspired you to write this song?  

Tie Dye was inspired by self-love. We all get to fall in love with our own unique journey in this lifetime. We are beautiful, we are colorful, we are different; each day learning to better embrace our hues & stand strong in our individuality. We are Tie Dye.

“Tie Dye” was produced by Blair Taylor (2Chainz, G-Eazy), who you’ve collaborated with before. The sonic backdrop of the song, with its textured melodies and airy flute accents, perfectly complements the lyrics. What’s the production story behind this perfect synergy of lyricism and production? 

After writing Tie Dye with the homie B Sims, I brought it to Blair to be reproduced. Blair has always had an affinity for vibrant & colorful production, which is just what the song needed to feel like a journey. We’ve carved out an explorative sound together over the years and trust one another with creation. It’s always exciting working with him.

Some of your family and friends also feature in the stunning video that you filmed in your adopted home of Los Angeles. For most of you, it was the first time seeing each other since the pandemic began. This must have been a huge moment for you? 

Definitely a huge moment! I’m honored, and it meant a lot to all of us. 

Now, I’d like to talk about your impressive background in the music industry. You’ve had a lengthy list of accomplishments as a songwriter, from working with Leona Lewis, Aaron Carter, KPOP band MCND, and on Lacrae’s Grammy-winning album “Gravity”. Do you see yourself as a songwriter and or an artist first? 

I’m an artist.

How does your creative process differ when you’re working on your own artist projects compared to collaborating with other artists as a songwriter? 

It’s about the source of inspiration that builds the world around the project at hand. In both scenarios it takes me going within to derive a sense of empathy, but if I’m assisting someone else, I ask questions and spark conversations that will pull from their truth so I can enhance their vision.

Speaking of your original work, your empowering song “Letter To The White House ” caught a lot of attention last year and even featured in several voting campaigns around the 2020 election. How did you feel at the time knowing your music was having such an impact during one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime? 

Humbled. I was simply humbled.

Finally, what’s next for evrYwhr? What can we expect from you in 2022 and beyond!

I’m currently working on a full length project to share with you. It’s been a journey pulling from the many contemplations, blessings, truths, traumas and relationships that have brought me to this point; I’m honored and excited to give you my project next year.

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