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Next-Gen Video App Makes it Easy For Creators to Make Money

Short-form videos have become an artform unto themselves, but the Creators in this popular medium are having trouble earning consistent income. Enter Clash, a creator-founded next-gen video platform that just launched with unique engagement tools designed with creator compensation in mind. The aim is to create a community where creators can earn a living with support from dedicated fans regardless of follower count. 

Earlier this year, Clash App Inc., co-founded by former Vine star Brendon McNerney and NeoReach founder P.J. Leimbgruber, acquired byte, widely referred to as Vine’s successor, and has relaunched under the Clash label, with 5 million built-in users and a novel monetization concept. Clash is leveraging the best of byte’s features with its own unique tools. 

Clash is making it as easy to like, share, and comment as it is for fans to support their favorite creators with “drops,” which users can bestow on creators in the form of monetary support. Clash contributors can publish videos of up to 30 seconds in length and redeem their “drops” for cash. Maybe you want to raise money to help launch your new EP or just need money for more studio time. This seems like a good place to earn some money through creativity to support more of your creativity.

It’s all part of the “creator economy,” which SignalFire defines as, “the class of businesses built by over 50 million independent content creators, curators, and community builders including social media influencers, bloggers, and videographers, plus the software and finance tools designed to help them with growth and monetization.” 

Other platforms can be overly restrictive, make it difficult, or offer limited funds for creators to make any money, let alone a living. And those platforms tend to or seem to only reward content creators who have built enormous followings or attract the most traffic or engagement. Clash aims to change the game for fans and creators alike by developing and catering to avid and ardent fans, not necessarily the largest or widest fanbases. 

Brendon McNerney, who has carved out a career as a writer and filmmaker, and Vine creator, knows first-hand the difficulties of navigating the creator economy and co-founded Clash, not for himself, but others who struggle chasing their passions and dreams while trying to pay the bills.  

“Clash is for your ride-or-die followers,” according to Brendon McNerney, CEO and co-founder of Clash. “Clash is for the fans who want to support you and help you keep pursuing your creativity; the ones who wake up and the first thing they do is check your updates; the ones who are already invested in your story. A follower count doesn’t necessarily carry the same weight on Clash, because it is a platform that recognizes the depth of a person’s following, rather than just the width of it, and empowers the many different ways in which fans can engage with and show support for their favorite creators.”

The Creator Economy is not to be taken lightly. Naimeesha Murthy, the founder of, recently wrote for Forbes that “the total size of the creator economy is estimated to be a little over $100 billion dollars.” And according to an August 2021 article by Werner Geyser of Influencer Marketing Hub, “Traditional influencer marketing from sponsored posts and brand deals is just a fraction of the existing monetization opportunities for Creators through social media and digital platforms.”

Clash aims to make the experience of monetizing content creation as simple and seamless as “shoot, share, earn,” while providing new ways for die-hard fans to support and engage with their favorite creators. The company is investing in its own economy by gifting Drops to new users during launch to jumpstart and encourage support behavior.

Clash plans to add to its suite of features in the coming months as the platform fosters a “ride or die” relationship between Creators and fans while making it easier for all their users to support one another.  Check them out and let us know what you think:

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