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On the Come Up: An Exclusive Interview with Washington MC Blake Holmes

Storytelling and authenticity have always been at the forefront of Blake Holmes music. Characterized by overcoming struggles and living to show off the scars, the Washington artist has taken control of his narrative from the outset. From writing and producing for notable hip-hop artists to solely managing all aspects of his own independent career, Blake Holmes has sharpened his skills to become a leader of a new culture. His budding career is inspirational and primed for excellence – balancing his business savvy and creative mind, he hopes to pave a way for aspiring musicians to follow in his footsteps and create history.

With his new EP entitled “Time Heals You. Almost” around the corner, Holmes will be releasing the first single from the project “So 4real” on October 15th. Produced by Grammy nominated producer Eric G, this highly anticipated project embodies the artists journey over the years and celebrates a new beginning after enduring years of hardship. His lyrics reflect a profound understanding of the hip-hop culture combined with innovative flows that compliment a seamless production.

In our interview with Blake Holmes, he opens up about his journey and motivations, provides exclusive insight on his new EP, and outlines his future aspirations as an up-and-coming MC.

How did you first get into Hip-Hop?

My intro to hip hop was through Will Smith. My parents used to buy me all of his albums. Of course, there was Bow Wow and I think my first CD I heard with cursing was Nelly’s Country Grammar. Then came Eminem and 50 cent and from then on, I was buying old albums and I was hooked. I heard Kanye’s College Dropout in like 4th grade, and it was actually given to me by a friend because I kept asking to borrow her CD player to hear it. Shortly after I heard Snoops Rhythm and Gangster. Kanye introduced me to artists like Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco through music. My first rap I wrote was to Wale’s Nike Boots. It’s been on ever since.

How does your new project either differ and / or compare to your previous bodies of work?

This project is different because it’s the first time I’ve done exactly what I’ve wanted to do without interference. It’s also the first EP under my own imprint Rebuilding Minds Ent. That’s big for me considering all the years I’ve put in. As far as content, this project is the first where I’ve been so sure. I used to be nervous about releasing. I always knew the music was good, but I wasn’t totally confident in my own visions. I’m thankful for this opportunity to just be myself and create exactly the music I want to hear.

What are the stories that you plan to tell on this project?

This is a story of perseverance. The results you get when you sacrifice, keep your head down, and remain grateful and patient. It’s only the beginning but it’s a victory for myself and everybody who supports our movement. It’s also a message to all artists that our time is now. Believe in yourself and release your music. It’s a message that the pain doesn’t last forever and that we become better for going through it.

How would you describe the sound you’re cultivating for someone who hasn’t heard your music?

I feel like my sound truly embodies those iconic moments in hip hop music. The music, lyrics, and message combined remind you of why you love music in the first place. The vibes are more felt than heard at times and songs are filled with layers. You don’t have to be a fan of hip hop to enjoy it. You just have to be on the journey to find yourself and it’s all the same language. To Believe in yourself and spread as much love as you can.

What’s next for Blake Holmes?

Following the release of my EP “Time Heals You. Almost”, for the next 52 weeks, we will be dropping a single every week on Friday. With the EP we will release exclusive 1 of 1 merch bundles with hoodies, vinyl, and more. We also have a coloring book designed by Vinny ATY. We also have a very exclusive and limited edition NFT of the upcoming EP on the horizon. Shows are on the way as well as new exclusive content on the website “Time Heals You. Almost” is the beginning of a new era and marks a new wave of skill and positivity.

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