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Published on October 11th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


We Want More From Melodic Rock Act “Barista”

The long-awaited single from Barista’s Open Sesame Vol 3: A Different Beat is finally released. Dreams Remix B is a fast-tempo, aggressive dance track featuring one of the most vibrant young female vocalists  I have ever heard. As part of the 5 EP Open Sesame compilation, A Different Beat only features two tracks,  one being our single Dreams Remix B. This dynamic composition opens with  a neat little guitar riff, sort of blues-inspired but also reminiscent of traditional rockabilly. From there the beat picks up and the female vocalist, (name unknown) enters and steals the show. With majestic long note carries to, well-enunciated quick lyric lines this soprano carries the higher frequencies of this  track across the listening space and fills us with joy. The beat is simple while offering a human feel on the  stuttered downbeat keeps time while Barista repeats the guitar melody. We have tempo speed-ups, beat drop-offs, and different phrasing  utilized to explore each of the musical ideas Barista has in store for  this track, all the while the vocalist is declaring the wonderful aspects of Dreams.

Dreams Remix B is an excellent addition to any EDM playlist, with its  clever phrasing and intricate concepts all while delivering an enjoyable piece of music that can be replayed over again. Barista’s choice of guest vocalists, of course, should be commended as she really brought power to this track. I would love to see  Dreams Remix B added to most club’s playlists as the infectious dance grooves when the drums pick up are well-suited for that environment. As 2021 draws to its conclusion, it is held in the highest anticipation  that eager listeners will get the other volumes of the Open Sesame concept series.

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