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A Look At Diamond Dallas Page’s 2021 Accomplishments & Upcoming Projects For 2022

For many entertainers, being seen weekly on international television for close to decade would be the accomplishment they spend the rest of their lives talking about. In the case of WWE Hall Of Fame Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, his success as a professional wrestler is only one of the talking points these days. Beyond finding success as an author, actor and film producer, his pursuits related to DDPY — formerly known as DDP YOGA — have led to him being featured in seemingly-endless media coverage while directly impacting and improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In other words, there are a lot of DDP fans and followers who are barely-aware of his past as a wrestler.

Most recently, Diamond Dallas Page made headlines via his “surprise wedding” in December 2021 to Payge McMahon. Page and daughter Brittany — an intuitive designer and luxury event planner — planned the event and told McMahon that it would be a Christmas party, while telling the guests that it would be a wedding. Page then proposed to McMahon on-site, she accepted, and the couple were married. Rob Van Dam (RVD), W. Morrissey (Big Cass), nZo (Enzo Amore), Marc Mero (Johnny B. Badd), Harold “Ice Train” Hogue, “The Inevitable” Ace Austin, Gia Miller, Katie Forbes, Eric Watts and singer Justin Fabus were among those in attendance at the Chattanooga, Tennessee boutique hotel known as The Dwell. After declaring, “You may kiss your bride, bro,” Dr. Asa Andrews, who performed the ceremony, introduced “Mr. & Mrs. Dallas and Payge Page.” Yes, you read that correctly: “Payge Page.”

Speaking of December 2021, DDPY’s annual Positively Unstoppable Challenge were recently named. As a lifestyle-oriented fitness program which also incorporates principles related to diet and well-being, DDPY is intended to guide its subscribers to being “positively unstoppable,” rather than just being a way to temporarily lose a few pounds. Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing the winners of the 2020 edition of the Positively Unstoppable Challenge were Candi Herndon (1st place), Caitlin Kay (2nd place), Scott Georgeson and Justin Dobbins (tied for 3rd place) for The Hype, as embedded below. This year’s winners include Bryan Tann (1st place), Patrick Sims (2nd place), Jeremy Landry and Maria Pacailler (3rd place), and Stephanie Kelly and Bryan Gray (4th place). Simply put, prepare to be inspired when you read more about this year’s Positively Unstoppable winners and their journeys.

While on the topic of great DDPY-related transformation stories, Ted Evans — who I had the pleasure of interviewing a few years back — turned 87 this year. He wanted to challenge himself to set a new goal, yet he did not expect DDP to challenge him to learn to breakdance. For 86 years Ted would rate his dancing ability a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, so this was definitely out of his comfort zone. You can see the results of this challenge embedded below; Usher and Ludacris fans especially ought to be thrilled.

2021 also brought the launch of a weekly broadcast featuring Diamond Dallas Page, The Bro Show. Every week on Thursday nights, Dr. Chris Featherstone is joined by DDP and former WCW World Champion Vince Russo as they discuss “the most brotastic moments of the week.” In the debut episode — which launched on YouTube on December 22, 2021 — featured the trio discussing AEW star Hook, Xia Li’s WWE debut and Goldberg’s next possible opponent, among other topics.

The Bro Show not enough weekly DDP for you? The DDP Snakepit sees Page, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Conrad Thompson team up for a new podcast. Set to launch on January 4, 2022 via the new Podcast Heat network, the series will explore a variety of topics, including the world of professional wrestling. Per my phone call with the DDPY founder on December 27, 2021, the show’s format will differ from Thompson’s other shows. It will be available via both audio and video content carriers alike.

Last year brought the premiere of the DDPY Rebuild mini-documentary via the DDPY Facebook page. Yet that is far from the only streamable project slated for DDP. He and former WWE star John Morrison are 2 of the stars cast in a not-yet-announced series coming out in 2022. Meanwhile, DDP has been on-set for several film projects in recent years, while still in-discussion with several television networks on a variety of matters. And that is without factoring in DDP’s recent appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions series, of course a clip is embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

As always, more on DDP and team can be found online by clicking here, here and here.

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