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Published on December 31st, 2021 | by Jessica Williams


Trap Hamilton, The Central Florida Trap Soul King

Trap Hamilton is the next big urban artist to watch out for.  Creating a new sound that most refer to you as “trap soul”, Trap Hamilton’s popular single “Trap or Die” is taking over nightclubs and airwaves throughout Central Florida

Gaining notoriety from his body moving single “Trap or Die”, Trap Hamilton is making the type of waves that Central Florida has been missing for quite some time.  It wasn’t until only a few years ago when he realized that his rather deep, but warm voice was the perfect instrument needed for him to become a singer. Prior to that he had no idea that he could sing.

“I’ve always loved RnB music and I noticed that the particular type of music that I love was dying out,” says Hamilton. “Everything I was hearing was centered around sex and was up-tempo, kinda like the Migos flow. I’ve always been a lover of 90s R&B because the lyrics had so much meaning behind them. The songs had truly powerful messages. I thought to myself ‘I know I can write this music, let me try’.” And the rest was history.

Even though his first single “Trap or Die” was recorded in 2018, he didn’t release it until of May of 2020. The lyrics of this single came from him bringing beauty to everything he saw and went through in his day-to-day life experiences, in the same way that most 90s R&B music was laid out.

For over a year, has gained quite a bit of momentum with this single earning him limitless possibilities to open up for some of today’s biggest artists while creating a real name for himself throughout his and neighboring cities. Not just a singer/rapper, Hamilton also has produced upward of 200 songs.

His latest mixtape, Trapper No Trapping is doing high numbers across various streaming platforms. This sexy, but playful album shows off his lyrical skills from beats created by SZA, Erykah Badu, LL Cool J, and other chart-topping artists.

Stay tuned for what Trap Hamilton is cooking up for 2022.

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