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Published on March 10th, 2022 | by richvongod


Anntreece Jones Productions, Presents (Drama TV Series) Reality vs. Religion

Meet Anntreece Jones, the Creator, Director, Writer, and Producer of B+LOCKED who was born and raised in the Stop Six area of Fort Worth, TX better known as “Funky Town!!

Having overcome many challenges and setbacks with this project, Jones also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed in 2015, after temporarily losing her vision. That’s when she made a promise to God that if He would restore her vision; she would be a willing vessel to do His Will and help advance His Kingdom. This was the birth of her testimony, to begin writing life changing stage plays and films that touched the hearts of her viewers.

Originally, Jones had written B+LOCKED as a stage play that quickly transitioned from the stage to film during the height of the pandemic. Right on the  the Historical Southside of Fort Worth, TX, Jones began to make her dream a reality and began production of her upcoming tv series. B+LOCKED is a suspenseful drama, surrounding a young lady named April, played by actress Lorenda King. She’s currently at war within herself and due to her cold heart, she will to shatter anyone’s hopes who tries to mend any brokenness from her past. Life itself has dragged her to hell and back. While left in darkness, she grew in darkness. Aprils strong repugnance towards God is going to shake up things in this powerful tv series!! Grab hold to your seats, because B+LOCKED is a roller coaster of truth, emotions, secrets, and pain.

Jones has been awarded numerous of awards for her tv Pilot worldwide in the film festival circuit in China, England, Sweden, Europe, Turkey, Dubai, France, Indonesia, India, Canada, Rome, Russia, United Kingdom, and  United States . In 6 months God blew Jones work across the world!!  On September 19, 2021 the awards began flowing in from India and things began to shift majorly. With awards pouring in nationally and internationally through Film Freeway Film Festival Circuit in the following categories:


• Best Female Director 

• Best TV Pilot 

• Best Director

• Best Inspirational

• Best Drama 

• Best Producer 

• Best Trailer 

• Best Wed Series Pilot 

• Best Short Drama 

• Best 1st Time Filmmaker

• Best Poster

• Best Women’s Film

• Best Ensemble Cast

• Most Promising Director Award

• Best Story

• Best Drama

• Best Debut Filmmaker

• Best Director Work

• Best Episodic Content

• Best Film on Religion

• Best International Trailer

• Best Short Series

• Best Women Empowerment Film

• Best Social Drama

• Best Short Drama

For more detail, please visit website. The worldwide feedback received has been phenomenal. Jones plans to be a part of a major network soon to showcase this powerful tv series and captivate her audience. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that the viewers will find healing and restoration through the mind blowing creative writing of Jones and her astounding cast as they give life to B+LOCKED. Jones is on the rise, with this dynamic and riveting piece of work, Keep your eyes/ears open.

“You want to inspire the world, just write!”

​​​Anntreece Jones

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Facebook:​Anntreece Jones Productions

Instagram: @​blocked_tv_series

Twitter: @​AJPlaywrights

Photographer: Edmond Breaux​​

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