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How to Avoid Scams & Losses When Choosing an Online Casino Operator

Are Casinos Legal in New York?

Casinos in New York state are limited to around a dozen tribal and a few commercial venues. Most state residents looking to gamble in a brick-and-mortar casino drive to New Jersey, which hosts significantly more land-based establishments than NY.

Online Casinos in New York State

The state does not issue online gambling licenses​​. Nevertheless, dozens of offshore online sites welcome NY residents with open arms. Playing at an overseas online casino does not violate any state laws. NY lawmakers have legalized online sports betting in April 2021, and we expect the same for online gambling in the coming years. Please read the next section for alternatives to online casinos in New York.

Offshore Casino Sites

An offshore casino site is an online gambling platform licensed and regulated outside the United States. Panama and the European Union are the most popular offshore gambling jurisdictions. When you hear someone mention “online casinos in NY,” chances are they mean offshore casinos that accept wagers from.

Playing at an offshore casino does not violate New York gambling regulations. Moreover, because the best overseas platforms undergo regular audits and have been around for years or decades, gambling with them is safe. Of course, there are exceptions; many fraudulent sites out there fail to honor their obligations toward their users. It is important to be aware of ways to avoid running into a dishonest provider, one way is to turn to trustworthy and reliable sources of information, such as Sportslens comprehensive list of trustworthy operators that are legal, safe, and regulated along with rankings and reviews of the top operators, and an overview of the legal gambling situation in the state. Online gambling has risen to become a billion-dollar industry. There are countless people who enjoy playing gambling games online. Not to be outdone, there are also thousands of online casinos that are ready to take any players who want to come and play. It appears that everything is in order and that supply and demand cancel each other out for an optimal state of the iGaming market.

That being said, there are some things that you should pay attention to if you want to make the best of your online gambling experience. Namely, unfortunate as it is, there are many online casino scams. There are countless ways in which the players can get scammed by shady iGaming operators. And the worst thing is that the number of these scams continues to grow.

So, it’s best to arm yourself with proper knowledge of online casino scams. Only once you know how to protect yourself from casino scams can you safely begin to enjoy your stay at a gambling venue, with a dog of red color mascot or other, to have fun playing your favorite games.

The Importance of the Casino Licence

The absence of a casino license is one of the first telltale indicators that a casino may be dishonest. All genuine online casinos are required by law to disclose information about their licenses. An official license from one of the top iGaming authorities isn’t something you can get just anywhere. Gaming licensing authorities that are among the best in the industry include:

In addition to the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board, and others.

The first step in obtaining a legitimate casino license for online gaming operations is to pay the fee. Heavy quantities of money can be spent on this stage alone, depending on the license’s quality and authority.

Many additional standards must be completed by those who wish to be granted a legitimate license, and this is only one of them. Consequently, we cannot state that obtaining a casino license is straightforward if you’re not serious about offering high-quality iGaming services to users.

The fact that an iGaming operator is licensed does not ensure that they will not engage in shady practices, but it does go a long way toward providing gamers with an extra layer of protection when they play online gambling games. To summarise, if you visit a casino and discover that it lacks a genuine gaming license, you should proceed with caution.

If a casino does not have a legitimate license, there is no assurance that it is shady or fraudulent. There is no substitute for playing exclusively at online casinos that have been granted a legal license, ideally by one or more of the most respected gaming authorities, such as those we’ve already listed. This is the wisest course of action.

Random Numbers Generation and Casino Games

Online casino games are unlike their mechanical, land-based counterparts. There’s software on which the online gambling games run. And if you think about it, you really have no evidence whether the software has been tampered with in any way, shape, or form.

Well, having a casino license, such as what we’ve talked about in the previous section, goes a long way to providing a guarantee of sorts that the games are legit. But still, you need to know as much information about the game as possible before playing it.

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