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The Womack Sisters: Continuing The Family Legacy…



First things first, please introduce to me the members of The Womack Sisters…    

BG, Zeimani, Kucha.

Now let’s hop right into this latest single “Blocked” — Tell me about this particular track; how did it come to fruition?

Kucha: “Blocked” is based on a real-life experience dealing with a significant other who wanted to ignore me for days, then pop back up like we were talking every day…after multiple times of this happening and feeling disrespected, he was “Blocked!”

BG: And this didn’t just happen to Kucha, it happens to so many women, including myself, in another instance. This song is about the empowerment of finally cutting someone out of your life to take the first step to move on.

Zeimani: When you feel disrespected and disregarded, you are left with no choice but to cut that person out of your life.



Of course “Blocked” comes courtesy of your upcoming titled (The Womack Sisters) EP — That being said, what all specifically can you reveal and / or divulge about this forthcoming said body of work?

SISTERS: Saying we are excited about this project is an understatement.

Zeimani: Our music comes from a place of honesty, strength, love, passion, empowerment and pain.

Kucha: We took the individual journeys in life, and combined them to share the story we can’t wait to tell.

Coming from music royalty; as granddaughters of the late, great Sam Cooke, daughters of revered songwriters / producers Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack) and nieces of singer-songwriter / R&B legend Bobby Womack [RIP] — How big of an overall impact did their respective careers have over you all choosing to do what you all do today?

Zeimani: Growing up in a household of musical legends, we were exposed to the stage early as we performed as a family on tour. We watched the cultural style of our parents transform and impact how they lived their life.

BG: Not only did our upbringing give us a great purpose to continue the family legacy, but watching our parents’ dedication to their music has set a standard for how we want to approach our careers. Seeing the effect our parents’ music had on their fans as they created a connection with the music is what we decided to emulate.

Kucha: We wanted to embody that dedication in our journey and, through the expression of love, allow our music to tell our story just as our parents did.

Now from an individual standpoint, what do each of you bring to the table both personality-wise and creatively?

Zeimani: We each bring something unique to the table.

ZEIMANI on BG: She is a true genius with vocal arrangements. BG brings a gospel vibe to all of our tracks. She is also wicked with the pen. Her drive to succeed is what makes her a real perfectionist.

BG on ZEIMANI: She is the foundation of The Womack Sisters. Her tone and lyric composition skills move us forward as we piece together our songs. She also just brings a fun energy.

ZEIMANI on KUCHA: She is an absolute powerhouse and handles all of the group’s business. She is a genius and writes from the heart. KC was the driving force when we wrote our latest single “Blocked.”

How do you all classify your overall sound and / or style?

New wave R&B with a hint of Retro Soul.


Longevity, what do you all feel will be the ultimate key to your success?

Honest and heartfelt music.

What do you all want people to get from your music?

We hope from our experiences, we provide insight and help people learn from our experiences. We want to give listeners a sense of relief, understanding and, most importantly, joy.

On a more serious note, are you all happy with the current state of R&B?

Yes! There are some very talented R&B artists out right now. Some of our greatest musical influences are TLC and Destiny’s Child. There are no female vocal groups on this side of the music scene, but we’ve come to fill that void.

Do you all have any other outside / additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from music? 

In our free time, we breed Pomeranians. We grew up around exotic animals in Thailand and have always loved pets. Our dream would be to have a miniature animal farm. After living in so many different locations worldwide, we have developed a passion for architecture. We would also love to enter the real estate space.

To date, what has been y’all’s greatest career moment(s), at least thus far anyway?

Kucha: For us, the most gratifying moment of our career so far has been the release of the single “Blocked” and its music video.

Zeimani: From the pre-production, to the moment we clicked upload, we have loved every minute of the process.

Name one track of y’all’s that you all think defines you all and why?

BG: Our upcoming release for the single “Lost For Words” tells the story of a time I was once again disappointed. One-way relationships are so hurtful, and we don’t have the time and energy for it.

Zeimani: When someone disrespects one of us, they disrespect all of us.

Kucha: The song defines three core values that we all agree on; love, respect and honesty…nothing less.

Finally, what’s next for The Womack Sisters?

We have a show coming up on April 7th at Yoshi’s in Oakland, CA…and our EP will be dropping soon!

Is there anything I left out, or just plain forgot to mention?

No, that covers it!

Any “closing” thought(s) for our readers? 

Our goal is to promote love and peace, and we know our message will come across in our music.



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