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Published on May 18th, 2022 | by Paul Roberto


Celebrated Artist Big-E Releases Acclaimed Single “Srtis Banalin” ft Krayzie Bone

Srtis Banalin - song and lyrics by Big-E, Krayzie Bone, Tatoul Avoyan |  Spotify

Rap and recording artist Big-E dishes the heat in culturally infused single “Srtis Banalin”

Now streaming on all platforms, the artist delivers a smooth ambient vibe mixed with his signature sound.

Big-E continues to soar with consistent hits after releasing several singles this year––by combining his honest rap cadence and nuanced production, he consistently delivers the ear candy fans crave. It is no surprise that the fast-rising artist is one to watch and a contender in his lane.

Being able to get people on their feet is something Big-E does so easily. He never misses when it comes to connecting with his audience and executing lush and catchy performances. Even though Stephon is on the come up, he’s not an artist to overlook. Not many artists can handle the pressure of releasing music consistently and investing in their craft without losing some sort of balance.

But, as you’ll quickly witness, Big-E manages never to compromise his artistry for profits and wear his heart on his sleeve every time.

Nonetheless, “Srtis Banalin” ft Krayzie bone is guaranteed to catch some looks. Stay tuned because this is becoming an anthem. Be sure to check it out on all streaming platforms and add it to your rotation.

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