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Published on May 7th, 2022 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Daphne Oz On Her Collaboration With Plume & Petal, Future Projects, Television & More

Plume & Petal is a premium, gluten-free vodka infused with delicate fresh fruit, botanicals, and tea flavors with just a hint of honey. At 20 percent ABV and — reportedly — carrying 30 percent fewer calories than a glass of white wine when served as a spritz, Plume & Petal makes for a good fit for poolside drinking, at brunch, and/or for evenings with friends. It comes in 3 delicious flavors at this time, specifically Peach Wave, Lemon Drift and Cucumber Splash.

Before we can get to poolside beverages, Plume & Petal is inviting you to celebrate springtime with the Spiked Peachy Iced Tea by Daphne Oz. This TV host, bestselling cookbook author, and natural foods chef has perfectly captured the vibrant, fresh flavors of the season in this cocktail, which elevates spiked Earl Grey iced tea with natural essences of juicy peach and a sweet and salty bergamot rim. The kit comes with everything you need to create and serve the perfect tea-inspired cocktail, including a bottle of Plume & Petal Peach Wave, Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial tea, Bergamot Smoked Salt & Sugar mix, Dehydrated Persimmon, Club Soda, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, bar tools and glassware. It also includes a recipe from Daphne’s cookbook, Eat Your Heart Out.

Daphne Oz answered some questions for The Hype Magazine, as printed below. More on Oz and her work with Plume & Petal can be found online by clicking here, here and here.

When did you first become familiar with the Plume & Petal brand? How did the opportunity to work with the Plume & Petal brand come about?

Daphne Oz: As a long-time fan of Bacardi’s premium selection of beverages, I knew their foray into low ABV offerings would need to live up to their impeccable quality. Of course, I care about taste first and foremost when I’m enjoying a beautiful cocktail, and I love that Plume & Petal is infused with all natural fruits, teas, and botanicals, and sweetened with just a touch of honey, so the cocktails I create with it are always layered and bespoke-tasting. Sometimes I keep it simple over ice or with a splash of club soda for a refreshing tasting spritz.

I’ve also turned it into everything from a Cucumber Smash that’s basically a slushy for adults, to a Lemon Lo-jito that’s wonderfully fresh and zingy, and a holiday Pomegranate Punch last Christmas. So yes, I’ve turned into quite the happy little mixologist and it was an easy “yes” to become an Ambassador for the brand because the opportunity to make delicious cocktails that pair seamlessly with so many memorable meals seems pretty endless!

What is in your kit? How would you describe it?

Daphne Oz: Summertime, and the sipping is easy. I basically wanted to create the adult version of everyone’s favorite bottled peach iced tea! My Spiked Peachy Iced Tea is light and refreshing-tasting with a little boost from the citrus notes in Earl Grey tea, and a bit of fresh-from-the-orchard natural sweetness thanks to Plume & Petal Peach Wave low ABV vodka. I love that I can have that little taste of indulgence without any artificial sweeteners. The kit also comes with bergamot smoked salt and sugar rim and dehydrated persimmons to garnish, so you really look like a pro!

Plume & Petal collaboration aside, what is coming up for you in the coming months?

Daphne Oz: I just released my latest book, Eat Your Heart Out, and the cocktail kit actually includes a recipe from the book for a snack that pairs perfectly with this cocktail!

Finally, have a TV show recommendation you could pass along? My wife and I need a new show to start!

Daphne Oz: Honestly, I am the last person to ever be interested in a show about cars, but Drive To Survive is fascinating!

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