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KULI Talks Teaming Up With LeVant and Kollberg For Explosive Single, “Day & Night”

Marking his first single this year, multi-talented producer, designer, and entrepreneur KULI has returned with “Day & Night,” enlisting promising artists LeVant and Kollberg. Driven by incredible production and filled with infectious moments, “Day & Night” juxtaposes radio-ready vocal lines with drops perfect for the festival stage, making up for a multi-faceted and incredible auditory result.

“When I got the drop from LeVant and Kollberg, I knew immediately I had to do something funky with this track,” reveals KULI. “The result is better than expected, when I sent the track to my producer friends, everybody was so impressed by the breaks following up the festival drops. This is one of my best tracks to date!”

After KULI heard Armin Van Buuren’s “Mirage” earlier in his life, he knew that he wanted to be involved in dance music. Shortly after, he started producing his own music and has managed to build an incredible career for himself, all while battling deafness. He has managed to sign his tunes to labels such as Universal Music Group, Revealed Recordings and more, as well as launch his own imprint, Futurized.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kuli about his career, inspirations and goals:

What’s up KULI! How are you feeling today?

I am feeling good today! A lot of good stuff happening, Day & Night reached 20,000 streams today and a lot of new things are in the process to make it happen! Thanks for asking!

You just released “Day & Night,” how did this collaboration with LeVant and Kollberg come to life?

LeVant & Kollberg sent me a drop idea, where they asked me to make a funky break on it. When I heard the vocal we would be using, I texted Dusan immediately, my co-producer, to have a Zoom session, to start the first idea from ‘Day & Night’. After this, we made the drops more interesting, for example making the first drop different from the second drop. When it was finished, I felt this could be one of the bigger Future Bounce tunes of the year and when it got released, it went to 20,000 streams really fast and the positivity on the release has been very incredible.

How do you experience being a producer and label owner, while battling deafness? How can the music industry change become more inclusive and accessible for people who are in a similar place?

My experience with the music industry comes with ups and downs. I have been depressed because I could not achieve stuff in music that the others could, because they were able to hear, and I wasn’t. But I left that time behind, and it made me stronger and work harder. Now I want to amplify my experience and spotlight the other (deaf) talents. That’s also one of the reasons I own a label, to make the industry more inclusive. It starts with yourself, be nice to everyone, tries to be helpful. Don’t have the dollar signs in your eyes. Do something for society, and you will get a lot of things in return.

What has been your absolute favourite moment in your career so far?

I think it is yet to come, I am building a new studio and that is my absolute favourite moment. As it’s specially made and treated for my hearing, with crossover subwoofer, Woojer subwoofer-vest and good acoustic treatment that helps me to produce better!

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations right now?

Definitely Martin Garrix, because of how versatile he is. But also how he stayed true to himself despite his success is so inspirational. My dream is to collaborate with Garrix. Would be an incredible experience!

Do you have any exciting plans for 2022 that our readers should know about?

At the end of May, I am going to Serbia to do a writers camp there with Dusan and play in a club. I have some music ready for the upcoming months. Expect funky stuff, some mainstage techno, dance-pop songs, summer tunes and Future Room in a fresh way! At least, not forget, my new studio will be ready in the summer of 2022. I am so excited about that!

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