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New Album ‘During Visiting Hours’ From E-K Deserves Your Attention

E-K is a talented independent artist whose buzz has helped him amass 5,700+ average monthly listeners on Spotify and that number is still growing. Fresh off the release of his latest album, titled, ‘During Visitor Hours’, 2022 is shaping up to be another big one for the emcee.

We caught up with E-K to learn more about his story, the new album, and what is up next for him and his career. 

Before we get to the present day and future, let’s get the origin story about how he got here.

To jump in, we asked E-K about how he got started in music.

“So I always wanted to do music but wasn’t sure how to jump into it. I had a boy back home who rapped and was doing his thing, and he convinced me to for real do this and told me that I was capable of being a solid artist. We had writing sessions/workshops, we did music exercises, and just chipped away at working on our artistry until I felt like I was ready.”

Making the leap into chasing your dreams is always a big moment and having supportive people around you is crucial in that process, and E-K certainly had that. Having the talent and the support are key factors but also having a love for music has to be in that mix. On his influences, he told us this:

“Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, J Cole, and Yo Gotti influence me in terms of how I want to run my business. Similar to Kendrick, I feel like it’s about quality over quantity. Music to me isn’t just a money grab. This is about legacy. I love this more than anything. I want to make sure that what I put my name on reflects the time and effort I put into it. if it takes longer for me to get it right, I’m willing to do that. Jay-Z and Yo Gotti inspire me to think about the business of music and learn it so that you aren’t taken advantage of. J Cole inspires me to work with artists and help give them guidance when making a track.”

Whether artists like it or not, to pursue music full-time you have to understand the business side as well as the creative and that’s something that E-K has a full grasp on. On influences on the creative side, here is what he had to say:

“My favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Roddy Ricch and Nas tied at that 5th spot. But, Roddy Ricch and other similar artists that are more melodic really inspire the music that I make. I like to make melodic or catchy songs that stretch the vocal range, that are fun and are more tied to the feeling in that moment. For some reason, that’s what excites me. But when I’m listening to music, I like to hear songs with substance, bars, and crazy wordplay.”

Being true to yourself and your artistic process is key for any good artist. 

Okay, let’s turn our attention to the new album During Visitor Hours

‘During Visitor Hours’ is a ten-track album that just dropped in April and is a big artistic step in E-K’s career. This album is a true no-skips release and each song brings its own unique sound to the table.

The melodic style that he mentioned earlier is on a full display, but he also masterfully mixes in elements of old school hip-hop and trap sounds while weaving and switching his melodies and flows line by line. The album provides listeners of all backgrounds with something to gravitate towards and then delivers for them again and again.

In our conversation, we had asked E-K what song of his was his favorite to date, and he chose one off of ‘During Visitor Hours.’

“My favorite song that I’ve written is ‘On Me’ from ‘During Visiting Hours’. I honestly was just trying to hurry up and make a song to close out the project since I had 9 songs and wanted an even 10. Next thing I know, I made that and fell in love with it.”

It may have come about accidentally, but we’re glad it did, and it’s definitely a highlight of this album. 

With this release out and gaining momentum, we turned our attention to what was next for E-K. 

“Continue working on music, developing my sound, experimenting, continue my rebranding process, and expanding the team.”

We love those goals, and it’s clear that to this point he’s on the right path. Reflecting on what he has accomplished to this point, we asked him what the highlight of his career was so far.

“The highlight of my career so far has been the recognition I’ve been getting for growing as an artist and the reception that the music has been getting. People are telling me I leveled up and this is their new favorite song, or this one, and I’ve set myself apart from other artists.”

We can expect that there is only more of that to come as this album makes its way to more listeners. 

We’ve become huge fans of E-K’s music and story. His brand new album showcases his prowess as a lyricist, his ability to switch flows and sounds, and his craftsmanship as a songwriter. Before we ended our conversation with him, we asked him why he thinks music fans should check him out.

“People should check me out because I offer a bunch of different vibes that cater to different audiences, and most importantly, the music I make is hard.”

To hear more of his music and follow along in the future, check out his links below.

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