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Published on June 22nd, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


How Zootiez is Disrupting the Cannabis Industry with its Focus on Small Batch Cannabis

With the potential to positively change people’s lives as well as revolutionize numerous industries for the better, the cannabis plant has an incredible opportunity to change the world. With such vast potential, high-profile investors are flocking to the cannabis industry to get in on the action. In addition to its benevolent power and cultural cache, the cannabis industry is incredibly profitable as the 2021 international cannabis market size was $28 billion in 2021. The cannabis market is truly a versatile and evergreen industry boasting wide application and loyal consumers.

Introducing Zootiez, a market-disrupting luxury cannabis brand focusing on high-potency, high-terpene, small-batch exotic strains. Much like Louis Vuitton, the Team at Zootiez understands the importance of bringing people on board who are creative, influential and dedicated to the same vision they have. Zootiez made a name for itself in the industry as quickly as it has due to the quality of its product and authentic celebrity marketing. Zootiez has rapidly become the favorite strain of all celebrities living in California as well as the ones that come to visit. With over 30 years of experience, the Zootiez team is uniquely equipped to create rare and exotic breads that resonate with cannabis connoisseurs and A-List celebrities.

To Puff on Zootiez is something like riding down South Beach Miami in the backseat of a Rolls Royce with Hermes interior and a beautiful woman on your side, it’s meant to curate a vibe that only you can feel in that moment.

The Zootiez team works around the clock and prides itself on its ability to set itself apart from its competition. Their simple but innovative approach is having the Breeder and the Brand Ambassador work hand in hand to bring new strains to the marketplace. This means famous brand ambassadors assist in the selection of new Zootiez phenotypes much like Virgil Abloh approved of final designs he created after the items came back from the expert craftsman. The Connoisseurs-men of Zootiez are essentially tailoring new strains to these celebrities’ high-class taste, and the end-user gets the satisfaction of knowing that they are smoking something that is aficionado-approved.

The Connoisseurs-men of the Zootiez Brand have a heavy focus on designing new and unique cannabis flavors. This takes an artistic approach, combined with a little science. They must source new and exotic cannabis flavors that they think will complement the Original Zootiez, and from there use scientific breeding methods to cross the new strain into the Original Zootiez in order to achieve never before seen flavor profiles. While the brand is only two years old and a handful of celebrities are drawing attention to it, the Zootiez team is made up of legacy growers who have been in the industry for a combined 30-plus years. The founder of Zootiez is a Humboldt California native who grew up in business and is intent on carrying on the standards of quality that Northern California is known for.

After finding a new and unique flavor suited to brand ambassador’s taste, the Breeding and Quality Control team then ensures the new strain is grown at an elite level — from a quality, taste, and feel perspective — before bringing the new and unique flavor profile to the broader market.

The Breeding and Quality Control teams at Zootiez are striking while the iron is hot. Despite their recent success, they are already hard at work to bring their loyal consumer base — and celebrity fans — a new strain menu with exotic genetic profiles by Spring 2023. We are excited to see what the Zootiez team produces for this upcoming year and beyond!




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