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Published on June 25th, 2022 | by richvongod


Joshua Proby’s New Book Speaks About Prison to Spiritual Peace

Joshua Proby’s new book “The Thirty-Day Journey from Prison to Spiritual Peace: Part 1” examines the pitfalls of life that often lead to spiritual disillusionment and how one can rejuvenate a faith-based life. Proby is hosting an in-person book signing June 25 at Barnes & Noble in Hickory, NC from 10am until 6 pm. June is Men’s Health Month, and this book offers a timely and transparent personal reflection, based on relevant scripture, in hopes of empowering others to nurture a connection with their spiritual self.

The Thirty-Day Journey from Prison to Spiritual Peace: Part 1’ is near and dear to my heart because I wrote the manuscript while I was incarcerated,” Proby explained. “It provides an authentic perspective about how to navigate the lowest valleys in our lives where we feel like we have lost hope due to the relationships and experiences that have left us broken.” This powerful book covers important topics that encompass spirit, family, life, relationships and friendships. Before surrendering his life to God, Proby was living a life that endorsed money, women, and anything that kept him from facing his deepest pains. At the age of 22, Joshua was sentenced to twelve years in prison for armed robbery and burglary.

For most men, the journey to achieving spiritual peace is a difficult one to navigate, but I am hopeful my book can help those who are on that journey,” Proby said. “I believe this book will help men learn how to analyze their emotions instead of acting upon them. This will allow us, as men, to see different perspectives and identify what areas of our past or present need to be addressed so we can arrive at a place of true peace.  After spending more than a decade incarcerated, including two years in solitary confinement for crimes he committed as a young man, today, Proby walks in his purpose by using his platform and gift to uplift those who are in prison as well as those who have built prisons mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


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