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Published on July 23rd, 2022 | by Charles Myambo


The Rise of Award Winning Amazon Prime Filmmaker, Jasmine Alexander

For centuries now, films have been a pivotal service in providing worldwide entertainment. Films have become such a prevalent staple in society that it’s difficult to imagine a time they weren’t. Could you fathom a world where films/movies are absent? Without films or film makers, life just wouldn’t be the same now would it? It is this very same realization that inspired Jasmine Alexander to embark on her own filmmaking journey. The highly touted filmmaker was born in Flint, Michigan which is the city where she first discovered her passion for the creative arts. She spent most of her adult life in Texas before making the swift move to Atlanta where she continues to perfect her craft. Despite filmmaking and acting being lifelong passions of Jasmine’s, she only realized her acting dream as recently as 2015. She got her first major casting opportunity in the same year as well. Since then, she has starred in several short films, feature films and commercials. In 2021, she would experience the most prolific stint in her career to date. This was preceded by the move to Atlanta which did wonders for her career. Her work both as an actress and filmmaker would appear on Amazon Prime, HGTV, Tubi and other major platforms.


Actress, Jasmine Alexander


Just prior to the 2020 pandemic, she had already started working with the prominent Farrah Gray. By this point, Jasmine was already an established actress but her filmmaking dream merely an aspiration. It’s only at the precipice of the pandemic that the opportunity for filmmaking would arise. Acting events and opportunities had taken a steep turn with the untimely introduction of the first nationwide lockdown. During this period, Jasmine found herself sitting around waiting for productions to open up again. Needless to say, the waiting period would be a lengthy one. As such, she decided to create her own opportunities which culminated in her filmmaking. Being the creative genius she is, she casually created 6 short films and submitted them to a handful of film festivals. Guess what? You guessed it, she won best short film, best female filmmaker and best actress for several of those films. This led to her getting some exclusives with major press outlets. Most recently, she was featured in OZ Magazine for her short film, “Body Image” starring Jayla Re’shon. Jasmine’s inspiration for the title was inspired by the need to address insecurities and shaming associated with one’s body image. Such thinking is indicative of Jasmine’s genuine love for people and her inclination to propagate positivity through film.


Filmmaker, Jasmine Alexander


Jasmine is currently working on a plethora of projects including an upcoming film titled “The House”. The film will touch on human trafficking and the dark web. The cast will include Shawn Sim, Curtis Goode, Melissa Ottaviano and Destinee Sanders. It will be directed and produced by Jasmine. Mike Whitehead will be the director of photography. The project coordination will be handled by Jasmine’s filmmaking partner, Jayla Re’shon. Jasmine is thrilled to share as many real life experiences as she can with the sole target of inspiring transformative change. Her films are masterful depictions of reality infused with a dash of creativity. 2022 promises to be another great year for the mesmerizing Jasmine Alexander so stay tuned!  

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