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Published on August 11th, 2022 | by Jackson Ngari


Digging Deeper: Unstoppable Lynne Aswani on Commanding the Airwaves With Her Newly Released EP

The fledgling Kenyan singer Lynne Aswani talks to us about her freshly released EP album and her musical journey.

In June 2022, Lynne Aswani dropped her debut project, a 7-track EP simply titled “Through My Lens.” The cover artwork of the EP is a photo that clearly shows her colorful and stunning looks. The EP is full of different sounds that give you just a taste of what she is capable of and what to expect on her journey, which has only just begun.

In her own words – “I decided to release an EP due to the influence of Adele’s album, 30; The way she was vulnerable in her music gave me the confidence to do an EP after previously releasing singles, one after another. I had so many songs in my songbook that I felt needed to see the light of day because I know as a musician, I’m a vessel to the world, my music being a mirror of society. I chose the name “Through My Lens” because the music in the EP covers songs from the year 2014 that are my experiences and the experiences of those around me. I felt the need to voice out what I am/was feeling and also what other people fail(ed)/fear(ed) to express.”

Like so many great singers before her, Lynne started her musical career in the early days of her life. She further nurtured her talent in singing by performing in school and church. Now a professional singer, songwriter and traveller, she exemplifies what it can look like to be a passionate hardworking African woman in 2022.

Lynne Aswani spoke to us at The Hype Magazine about her EP and how she started making music. Today, she is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s fast-rising musicians and songwriters in the country who has expressed her passion and enthusiasm for the Kenyan music industry.

Lynne Aswani

Lynne Aswani

So who is Lynne Aswani?

Lynne Aswani is a travel, music, art, and fashion lover. She is a polymath and an executor, which makes her unique. She is a leader and a good listener.

How did you fall into music?

Music was birthed in me as I made my entry into this world. [Laughs]

When did you figure out that this is the career path you’d want to take in life and who have been some Kenyan or international artists that motivated you to take the craft seriously?

In 2017, I realized that I’d like to pursue music professionally and I was surrounded by people who were passionate about it so it made the musical fire in me burn bigger and brighter. I have been motivated by Muthaka especially her debut project Sunshine, Adele, Etana, Amanda Black and Jacob Banks.

What have been/are your musical influences? What did you grow up listening to and how has that played into your artistry?

My musical influences are mainly Adele, Jacob Banks and Amanda Black. I enjoy their writing, how the capture the vulnerability that most hide and own it in their unique sounds is just amazing! I grew up listening to Angela Chibalonza, Alaine, Etana and Sauti Sol; Listening to them gave me hope that I can pursue music, explore into my creative juices and impact lives across the globe.

What kinds of stuff are you writing about? What are the specific scenarios that have led to specific songs?

I write about my experiences and those of others. Some of the scenarios that led to songs are: Learning about clouds and aéroplanes which led to the birth of my debut single, Ndiyakuthanda, Challenges in plutonic and romantic relationships which inspired my singles Communicate and Sitachezwa, Bullying and it’s impact which birthed Even Though, Grief & death which inspired Wherever You Are and Emotional abuse, manipulation & healing which inspired Try To Heal.

The first song of yours that I heard was ‘Sitachezwa’. What was the process behind putting that song together?

Sitachezwa is actually one of those songs that I was one day in the house during the lockdown period and the chorus lyrics & melody came to me and I wrote it on my song book. When I went to studio to present the songs I’d want in the EP, to my producers, I hadn’t written the choruses. The producers, BeKalord and JMosez, made a sample beat and I liked it; I wrote verse one and BeKalord wrote verse 2. Singing it in studio was very easy because it is not vocally demanding.

Tell us about the Through My Lens EP.

Through My Lens EP is a body of art that conveys different themes through diverse genres. It captures vulnerability, healing, strength, forgiveness, affirmation lyrically and through the instrumentals/beats. It’s a project that is not only for me but for the world.

Was the reception of your debut EP what you expected it to be?

The reception was good; I loved to hear the impact of the EP from my audience through various platforms. I enjoyed the media tour and tapping into a new audiences. I still think it has more potential for growth.

What’s been your most memorable performance?

My most memorable performance was at Alliance Français. I performed a song by Miriam Makeba called A Luta Continua and it gave me chills as I immersed myself to the setting and the power that song had during the period of liberation. I felt I was carrying the African continent as I blended the live band with acapella and dance. It was amazing!

Of the songs you’ve put out so far, which has been your favourite and why?

Elevate is one of my favorites. It embodies struggles that we fear to voice or lack words to voice and affirms that despite life’s challenges, I will elevate, we will elevate. The arrangement of the song also gives me chills; the choir section without instruments, the dynamics in vocals and emotion in the instrumental and voice carry so much power and weight. Everybody needs to listen to this song with good earphones so as to have an intimate journey with the song.

What 5 artists are you currently listening to?/ What songs are on your playlist right now?

I’m currently listening to Dadju, Grace Carter, Jacob Banks, Kasha Tsuma, and Muthaka.

Tell us about the music scene and music industry in Kenya for artists such as yourself.

The music scene in Kenya is growing and there’s a lot of talent and multi sounds that need a platform for visibility. Artists are putting in the work; Stakeholders should come together and support the artists both in the country and in the world and in turn the industry will grow and put Kenya on the global map more.

Why are platforms like Mdundo, Spotify and Boomplay so important for music discovery and promotion, not just in Kenya but internationally?

Digital streaming platforms create an avenue for artists to introduce themselves to new audiences, maintain relationships with their audiences and give data that can be used to plan shows, understand how songs are performing, learn where your audience is and learn who your audience is. Some of those streaming platforms also enable audiences who value the work of an artist to be part of their journey by sending tips and buying merchandise.

What are your hopes for the future as a performing artist, singer and songwriter?

I hope to see the music industry being seen as a normal career path and Kenyan music getting more love and visibility locally and internationally. I also want to see the whole ecosystem eating good from their art.

What advice would you give to other youngsters who would like to join the industry?

Stand your ground on how you want your music to sound, your song arrangements and delivery. And always have contracts or written agreements to protect you and other artists.

What’s your dream collaboration? The person could be dead or alive.

My dream collaboration is Amanda Black and Bob Marley.

What can we look forward to seeing next from Lynne Aswani?

I don’t want to give the cliché answer of expect more music. Honestly, I have no answer for this.

Your parting shot

As artists, we should strive to be authentic; we all bring something unique to the table; therefore, we are a team and not competitors.

Your social media handles

Instagram: @lynne_aswani

Twitter: @Aswani_Vugutsa

YouTube: Lynne Aswani









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