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Monday Night Brewing Launches Premium Neapolitan Pizza Program at Monday Night Garage

Hey, pizza is my thing, and I always go on an adventure in every city I visit (if I have time), I just got another reason to visit a few of my favorite cities, thanks to the Monday Night Brewing outfit!

Monday Night Brewing, an award-winning craft brewery with locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville, is proud to announce the launch of its Neapolitan pizza program at Monday Night Garage (933 Lee St., Atlanta, GA 30310), located in the heart of the historic West End of Atlanta.

As of today, local Atlantans and visitors can taste what many neighbors, employees, friends, and family of Monday Night Brewing co-owner, Joel Iverson, have come to enjoy for years – delicious pizza made with only the highest quality of ingredients. Iverson’s lifelong hobby-turned-pandemic-passion has now culminated in professionally handcrafted pizzas that are baked in an Italian-built oven at over 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any pizza connoisseur knows that the foundation of great pizza is the dough, and Monday Night has ample supply of a particular ingredient that contributes to a uniquely flavorful recipe. Instead of commercial yeast, Monday Night uses a yeast culture that is a special sourdough blend containing wild yeast strains captured in their coolship, a large, open-top vessel their brew team has affectionately dubbed “The Crunkship.” For the uninitiated, a coolship is used for cooling hot wort prior to fermentation. Through a Belgian brewing method called “spontaneous inoculation,” wild yeast and micro-flora (which are spawned from the Garage’s adjacent orchard), permeate the wort, suffusing Atlanta’s distinct terroir into their award-winning Crunkship beers. Now, the Crunkship serves a dual purpose: capturing local yeast for both beer and pizza dough.

“By using a local sourdough starter and allowing the time for a long fermentation, we end up with a very unique crust with incredible depth of flavor,” explains Iverson. “We exclusively use the combination of water, Italian flour, salt, and our local yeast to make the dough.

“Italians tend to wax poetic about ‘digestibility,’ which they believe comes from properly fermented dough,” Iverson continues. “Quickly fermented dough with lots of additives – which are found in most American pizza – often results in a heavier crust, whereas the long fermentation leads to lighter and more digestible dough.”

In the spirit of using fewer and premium ingredients, Monday Night’s tomato sauce is simply made up of high-quality tomatoes, garlic, and salt. Most of the pizza offerings feature a rich mozzarella di bufala (mozzarella cheese made from water buffalo milk) that is imported fresh from Buf Creamery, a small cheesemaker in Colombia, South America, located at the base of the Andes. Buf Creamery is one of the few producers that exclusively uses grass-fed water buffalo, and offers one of the few mozzarella di bufalas that arrives fresh – not frozen – to the U.S. Their product is also lactose- and gluten-free, and uses vegetarian rennet.

Monday Night has recruited Adi Komic as Culinary Director to oversee their food programs in Atlanta, Birmingham, and future locations. Komic has deep experience in Atlanta’s food scene, including work with the pop-up community as well as multiple locations for various Rocket Farm Restaurants (Ford Fry) concepts.

“I am excited about the canvas that pizza provides to showcase unique ingredients,” says Komic. “Working with local partners is where I get creative, so this is going to be a lot of fun.”

Komic and Iverson have developed seven specialty pies that range from Neapolitan classics, like the Margherita and Calabrian, to inspired originals, like the Hot Honey Pie and Bianca Funghi. The hot honey featured in a few recipes is sourced from local beekeeper, Brendan Horgan, of Bow and Bend. Aluma Farm, a local farm in Southwest Atlanta, is providing the greens garnishing pizzas and the two signature salads on the menu: The Arugula (pickled red onions, pecorino and a verde vinaigrette) and The Caesar.

Pizzas and salads are now available at The Garage, Monday Night’s barrel-aging and souring brewery in the heart of the historic West End of Atlanta.

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