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Published on November 9th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet Bruh Mike: The Convict Turned Convert

Born Michael Berrian, Jr. January 31, 1986 to Michael Berrian Sr. And Lennie Leghorn (Lewis). He was raised in the Pleasant Hill area of Macon, Georgia. At a young age, he witnessed many things that influenced him to go in the wrong direction. By the age of sixteen, he was already involved in selling crack cocaine and marijuana, smoking marijuana, having sex, and having gang affiliation. In the year 2002, he was involved in a spree of robberies which led to his arrest, along with his two friends. His journey through the jail system started in the Department of Juvenile Justice and a few days after his seventeenth birthday, he was shipped off to Lee Arrendale State Prison (better known as Alto and one of the most dangerous prisons) located in north Georgia.

After serving two years in Alto, he was transferred to Hancock State Prison in Sparta, Georgia. He was there only a few weeks when his eyes were opened to the Truth of Jesus, the Son of God, while hearing the Word of God being preached in a church service there on February 19, 2005. The minister preached about God raising Lazarus from the dead and Bruh Mike had an unforgettable encounter with God, which lead to him repenting of his sins and asking Jesus to come into his life.

He was later released from prison after serving three years and one month. Since then, the Lord has opened numerous doors of opportunity for him to share his testimony, rap, and preaches about God’s grace, truth, love, mercy, forgiveness, and imminent return to others. He became a licensed minister May 2016. Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus is one of his greatest passions. That’s what iRepDaKING! Is all about.

“iRepDaKING!” (short for: I Represent the King!), was birthed in 2008 originally under the name “iRepDaKING! Music”. Glorifying Jesus Christ through music in the rap/hip hop form was the main mission at the beginning of this ministry and up to date has released 12 CDs & written 3 books. One of the most sought-after is His autobiography “From a Convict to a Convert” in which he shares his full story of redemption. From Bruh Mike’s lifestyle, music, videos, books, apparel, and preaching, it’s his desire to glorify Jesus Christ in all that he does and promotes. He has been set apart for the ministry and his hope is that unbelievers (sinners) be impacted and saved, believers are edified and challenged to grow, and Jesus Christ is honored and glorified as KING!

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