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Published on November 9th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet , K’Tina of Kansas City

Classically trained in the heart of Kansas City, with a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance, K’Tina has earned her a stellar reputation in the music-scene from every angle. From her humble beginnings, to her extensive education, to her fearlessly improvisational live shows, to her life-changing experiences working in music as the Concert Master for Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City, to collaborating with incredible talents like Yielded Vessels, Amado Espinoza Quartet, Cucharada, GAV7D and more – to her own sensational debut record called Crossed Conversations in 2019 – K’Tina has been on the ride of her life.

Through the incredible passion and endearing charm of her musicianship, she’s helped the violin remain at the top of people’s playlists around the globe, and introduce mainly to its beautifully evocative sound. After a lifetime spent immersed in learning to refine her immaculate skillset & amp; crafting her songwriting, the official release of Crossed Conversations was a monumental achievement in her career as an artist and complete confirmation that the center of the spotlight is exactly where K’Tina has always belonged.
Over the course of five sparkling covers, collaborations, and original compositions – K’Tina established her name within the bedrock of the Classical scene & amp; proved she had the talent to move its music even further into the modern-day era. An undeniably sensory & amp; soulful experience that has been moving the hearts and minds of listeners all around the globe since before the day of its release, Crossed Conversations revealed K’Tina’s thrillingly innovative and inventive instrumentation through powerfully inspired music.

As a professional artist, not only is K’Tina thriving within her craft, she’s set to make this the most groundbreaking chapter of her journey so far. Ready to surge through 2022 with her own business as the CEO of KTL Publishing, new social media sites, and stunning content to be released in both audio & video – K’Tina is destined to move a whole lot of hearts & amp; minds around the world with her music this year. With an extraordinary line up of exquisite instrumentation and songs that feature more of K’Tina’s
Remarkably soulful vocals – she is guaranteed to dazzle & entice the ears of listeners through the allure Of her vibrantly unique world-class talent, and authentically radiant vibes. With her wonderfully diverse & versatile range of sound that infuses Classical with R&B, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Gospel, Baroque, Tango, and more into spellbindingly sincere compositions designed to be enjoyed by one & amp; all – K’Tina is creating a true legacy in music that speaks volumes on behalf of her commitment to the art, her breathtaking & amp; expressive signature style, and dedication to bringing culture to the forefront of the world stage. She’s had the privilege & opportunity to play for audiences in countries like Canada, Spain, Argentina, Kenya, Jamaica, and Germany; not to mention opening and performing with artist such as Dr. Bobby Jones, Dottie Peoples, Michael Bubblé and many more.

Ready to release her latest songs & amp; make 2022 the most defining moment of her career to-date through bold & beautiful material that blends substance & amp; style together with impeccable technique & genuinely Imaginative ideas – K’Tina shines bright with the pure joy of music, and the honor of sharing it, with you.




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