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Published on December 11th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Fedd The God Releases 3Peat EP Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods

Rapper Fedd The God closed out the year with EP, 3Peat, featuring Taylor Gang’s founding members, Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods. The four-track EP is Fedd The God’s final project of 2022 as he prepares to introduce a brand-new sound into the new year, along with a series of visuals and exciting collaborations.

Going into the new year, Fedd The God states his goals are to: 

My goals and visions for 2023 is to chart, have a single on the chart, get a gold record, and do a EU tour.”

Fedd The God has pushed his brand to the forefront of the scene while hitting career milestones, including his first-ever North American tour, Vinyl Verse, with both Wiz Khalifa and Logic this past summer. In addition, he has been releasing content consistently, with recent back-to-back music videos, including “IDFWTN,” “Fire Content,” and “Lordz Preyer.” Not stopping there, Fedd also just launched his own podcast,  A Whole of Bunch Nothing, where he’ll be hosting episodes with friends covering lifestyle topics and entertaining table talk, creating a space for his fans to get an inside look of Fedd The God off the stage. 

Fedd The God explains his creative process working with Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods on 3Peat below: 

“The creative process of working with Chevy and Wiz is like Sensei and the teacher. I do my thing and then they give constructive criticism, and I can take the criticism. It’s never an ego when it comes to the music. All they want to hear from me is good music so they just direct me to get outside my comfort zone. I’m never put into a box, they never make me feel uncomfortable in the studio. So yeah the creative process with Chevy is like drawing a free form picture. The creative process with Wiz is more so on some like, he knows the formula, he has a formula. There’s no real formula for a hit but he knows a formula for gravitation of people and connectivity. So the creative process of working with Chevy and Wiz is super easy for real. It’s super easy for me to transition. It’s not hard for me to grasp what they’re telling me.”

Fedd The God

Fedd The God


“I didn’t find music, music found me.”

Hailing from the Steel City, rapper Fedd The God wants to use his gift of music to connect with people and spread positivity. Born James William Fedd Jr, the 29 year old grew up in the rough and less than ideal Northview Heights section in Pittsburgh, PA. “Growing up in Northview Heights, on Penfort and Manchester’s 1200 block, man, I’ve seen it all. The environment was rough and sadly what is now typical for so many young black males to see; murder, drugs, guns. We didn’t know anything else. I tried to keep to myself, for the most part.”

Fedd’s musical journey began in 2005. He and a friend were jokingly making music on a computer. “Me and my boy Rico made a song called “Shoplifting” on Giant Eagle. As a joke. We were just fucking around. I didn’t really think anything of it. But I found myself going back to making music and writing raps, almost as a form of therapy whenever something happened or I saw something on the block.” But it took a real life experience to light the flame inside of the Pittsburgh native to take music seriously. “It wasn’t until the death of my friend Trillzee that I started to take music seriously. He was making music and was about to crack off, so I felt the responsibility to pick up where he left off & keep this shit going.”

Fedd’s inspiration to make music came from listening and watching Master P growing up, with his motivation coming from his mother. “I didn’t have a musical bone in my body, shit, I can’t even dance. But sometimes your purpose finds you in the strangest ways.” What started as a mission to honor his late friend, quickly became a blessing in disguise. “The more I started making music the more I realized how much I genuinely love to move people. It’s like a high when I can hear and visualize people of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexes moving to my music, my art. That’s what drives me. That’s where my passion comes from. My mom told me that this passion and drive is a gift. It’s a gift to be able to connect with other humans with vibrations and emotions.”

After deciding to take music seriously as a career, Fedd stepped on to the music scene officially as Fedd The God, a play off his last name combined with a popular Dragon Ball Super Sayian transformation, symbolizing the God form. His early days in music were with a collective NWS, ‘N****s Wit Swagg.’ “My start in the music scene was with NWS. I was in the studio and Icey2Times left me the password to his SoundClick profile so I could go through beats. Back then, I didn’t know shit about rap or what to listen for in a beat. I just waited until I found something that spoke to me. There was this one beat called ‘Pittsburgh Nightmare’ and from the second I heard it knew that was the one. I loaded it up, recorded myself, and made an anthem for my city called NFL.”

It wasn’t until an ironic encounter that Fedd was about to align with a Pittsburgh legend. “I first linked up with Will because I got into a fight with his boy Jr. Will gave me his number to reach out if ever needed anything. We linked up a few years later in 2018 and started talking about the music business. He had so much knowledge and I just wanted to soak it up. He really put his arm around me, coached up on the industry, put me on game to how things worked. He sent me books about the music business. I really just wanted to learn.” Fedd credits Will for introducing him to Taylor Gang head honcho Wiz Khalifa at a show in NYC, which was followed by time spent in Pittsburgh and LA. “I’m really the type of person that feeds off energy and a vibe. That’s what I loved about Wiz and Will and the whole Taylor Gang family…it’s a family. They weren’t trying to push nothing on me. It just flowed well. I knew that being Gang would come with music benefits but the fact that they were stand up dudes before anything else had me sold. They were willing and wanted to teach me about the game. Most artists wouldn’t know half the shit they taught me. It’s a blessing.”

Fedd The God easily describes the future: “world domination is the plan; nothing less!

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa


Multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY and Golden Globe nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa burst onto the scene with the release of his first major label debut album, ROLLING PAPERS‎ in 2011. ‎ROLLING PAPERS spawned the hugely successful hits “Black and Yellow,” “Roll Up,” and “No Sleep” and gave Wiz the platform to win the award for “Best New Artist” at the 2011 BET Awards and “Top New Artist” at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. “Black and Yellow” also earned him his first two GRAMMY nods for “Best Rap Performance” and “Best Rap Song”. As a follow up to ROLLING PAPERS, Wiz Released O.N.I.F.C. in 2012. This album featured tracks “Work Hard, Play Hard” and “Remember You” featuring The Weeknd. His third studio album released in 2014, BLACC HOLLYWOOD, ‎debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart and included the hit single “We DemBoyz.” Soon after, Wiz’s track,‎ “See You Again,” off the FURIOUS 7 soundtrack, catapulted to the top of the charts across 95 countries and earned him a Golden Globes nomination for “Best Original Song”. Wiz released his album, KHALIFA, in February 2016 as a thank you to fans which included the tracks “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott and “Elevated.” In June of the same year, Wiz collaborated with Juicy J and TM88 to debut TGOD MAFIA PRESENTS: RUDE AWAKENING. On April 20th, 2017, to celebrate  4/20, Wiz launched his mobile app, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, which has garnered over 10.1 million downloads and is currently being played in over eight countries and six languages.  In February 2018, Wiz partnered with Sovereign Brands to create McQueen and the Violet Fog, an Award winning gin and rated by the NY Times as the “Best Gin”. In April of 2019, Wiz released his 5-part docu series with Apple Music, “Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam,” which gives viewers an exclusive look into his life and career. Wiz was also a series regular in Fox’s animated sitcom, “Duncanville ” which had its season 3 finale in 2022. Wiz released his project, The Saga of Wiz Khalifa, which was followed by his critically acclaimed collaborative album, FULL COURT PRESS, with Girl Talk, Big K.R.I.T., and Smoke DZA. In July 2022, Wiz released his full-length solo album MULTIVERSE, to rave reviews, as well as MULTIVERSE (DELUXE) which included three additional tracks, “We Can Get More”, “Funkin”, and “Lost”. Most recently, Taylor Gang featuring Wiz Khalifa released a new album, G RAGE. 

Chevy Woods

Chevy Woods


Pittsburgh native Chevy Woods’ epitomizes the mantra “when hard work meets talent.” Born Kevin Woods, Chevy grew up in the Hazelwood section of Pittsburgh with sports as his primary goal and Rap on the peripheral. An elite student-athlete and All American, he earned an athletic scholarship from Robert Morris University. Known at the time as Kev The Hustla, Woods balanced dabbling in music while grappling with the temptation of fast money from selling drugs. Scholar by day and hustling by night, Chevy’s love of rapping went from a hobby to his main focus. Eventually the risks of drug-dealing never outweighed the rewards with Chevy ultimately shifting all of his energy towards a career in music.

His hard work and dedication to his craft would lead to Chevy developing a friendship with fellow Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa at ID Labs’ studio in 2004. The chemistry between the pair resulted in Woods appearing on seminal Wiz mixtapes including Grow Season and Prince of the City Pt. 2. Woods and Khalifa’s creative bond would blossom from frequent collaborators to labelmates – with Wiz recruiting Chevy to join Taylor Gang. Serving as Wiz’s hype man on the road during his early years, Woods developed into a seasoned artist and performer with 20 tours under his belt – collaborating and sharing stages with the likes of Snoop Dogg, ASAP MOB, Joey Badass, and Pro Era. Woods has built a loyal fanbase with over a decade’s worth of mixtapes including Red Cup Music featuring appearances from Juicy J and French Montana, the Gangland series, and The Cookout with Wiz.

Over the last few years, Chevy has blossomed into a versatile songwriter with themes and topics that reflect his evolution from rapper to artist. From his 2015 introspective release The 48 Hunnid Project named after the block he was raised on, the Trap-A-Holics hosted Gang Shit Only, his innovative 4-part video EP And the Story Goes… and his appearances on Taylor Gang’s compilation tape TGOD Vol. 1. After 17 projects over the course of his career under Taylor Gang, Chevy released his debut album – Since Birth in 2020.

Since Birth, Chevy’s most mature body of work to date finds the Pittsburgh native reflecting on his journey while looking towards the future. Chevy’s videos for “No Drama,” “Hands On The Dashboard,” “Gang Wit Us,” and “To The Grave” touch upon Chevy’s growth as a man as well as a rapper. Reflecting on the past and the road from humble beginnings, songs like the intro “Since Birth” and “Flowers” – dedicated to his parents and Grandmother respectfully, continue to showcase the maturation in Chevy’s music. Since Birth includes the standouts “No Drama,” “Alive” ft. Wiz Khalifa, and “Dapper Dan.” Beyond music, Woods has shown his talent for the culinary arts, launching a cooking show on his YouTube channel – “Make It Good With Chevy Woods.”



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