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Published on January 3rd, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet Saf, the Artist a Unique and Courageous Creative

Saf, the Artist is 24 years old and currently living in Kansas City, Kansas. His artistry has evolved despite suffering from learning disabilities and he’s as unique as folk singer Bob Dylan when it comes to his vocal presentation. Saf has a superpower in being adept at connecting with quiet and introverted music lovers of the “Whisper Rap” niche. Besides bringing a new sound into my world, I was struck by his exciting and unique use of hand-drawn artwork for his drops.


Laid back and saluting a higher identity outside of himself, Saf says he usually wears hoodies, hats, and shades as part of his everyday appearance.

For choosing to take his music more seriously, Saf gives credit to his videographer Kevin Cole Jr. as the first to push and believe in him during his journey, and he decided to keep those moments alive, though he’s been making music for over 12 years since he was a kid.

While music isn’t his mainstay, Saf is a regular guy who currently works at Amazon as a delivery driver and lives with his parent, one of his benchmark goals is getting on DJ Akademik’s “Off the Record podcast” which he says is, “… a milestone I plan on achieving.”

After catching wind of Saf, the Artist, and what he’s achieving in spite of suffering from learning challenges, I wanted to know more and so got him to weigh in on a few things.

From the inside looking out, who is Saf the Artist?

I’m not a gangster or a thug rapper, I’m just an artist from Kansas City, Kansas. I draw most of my artwork and create all my music. Right now it’s currently just me at the moment.

Was there a defining moment that brought you to music?

When I was in the 5th grade I was randomly picked to rap Ludacris’s verse to “Baby” by Justin Bieber. I embarrassed myself first try but then got to try again and thought, I would like to get into music.

What is the most satisfying to you about making music?

The creativity behind music itself, because music is just the art form of sound. Music is a universal language too, it helps me with my communication.

Do you enjoy any part of the process more than others?

I really enjoy creating & testing sounds when producing and recording. Writing is fun too, it’s usually the mixing & mastering I lose focus on.

Your unique style and delivery keep everything smooth and mellow while at the same time, you deliver some missiles. What helped you develop and refine your style? Did you do some experimentation with the sonics?

Thank you, when I was a teen I rarely left the house, I just experimented with sounds until I got what I was feeling. Like my biggest song “Titanic” said, I moved about every 3 years from a single-parent military family, music was my longest friend.

If you had to pick a song from your catalog to introduce Saf the Artist, which one do you think it should be?

Nobody Wins in War” because currently, we might be on the verge of World War 3. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, empathy is definitely misrepresented in the media.

As you began navigating the maze that is the music business, what was the most surprising about the business side of the life?

The music business from what I know changes drastically, so there aren’t many fail safes. I also noticed ownership is a form of leverage, just as much as having popularity.

What do you hope people get or feel from your music?

Innovation and creativity, I love this quote by me “Real geniuses are the ones capable of making treasure out of trash”. So even a person in question could make a resourceful hit.

Why do you make music?

To see what I can come up with. When working at my job at Amazon I drive a lot and the radio gets over repetitive.

Outside of music, tell us about Saf!

I’m working on the 3rd book to my comic book series the “7 Legends”. This comic book tells a story about 7 characters who travel the universe and gain wisdom.

Best advice you’ve received thus far in your musical career?

I don’t have a particular best, but DJ Akademiks is a role model to me. Watching his YouTube, podcast, and journey day by day (since 2016 when I was working at Walmart) I learned a lot more about the music business.

What advice would you now give?

We only have one life literally, there’s a time and place for everything in this world. Advice is relative to what’s being referenced, you control you and that’s the gift within itself.

What’s been the funniest WTF moment thus far in your career?

I don’t think I’ve had one yet, most moments I had, I understood enough.

Where can we find you online?

I’m “Saf, the Artist” on Google, my music is also on YouTube, Spotify, ReverbNation, Audiomack, and even SoundCloud. My producer’s name is Atl Stackz with whom I recorded my earlier music.

Connect with Saf, the Artist on Instagram @saftheartist

Here’s some of his catalog


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