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Published on January 13th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Ninebay Jakub Talks New Single ‘Found Love’

Coming out hot, the promised child of Dayton—this is Ninebay Jakub. In hard-won homespun rhymes, this Ohio rapper draws inspiration from fellow Midwesterner Kanye West, with nods to Jack Harlow and Mac Miller. After a tragic fall shattered his wrists and ended a promising football career, the lifetime fighter picked up his pen and pivoted to the cipher. Though the heartland will always be in his heart, Ninebay pulled a Lebron James and brought his talents down to Florida, where the sunny vibes nourished his skills and swag, allowing him to drop single after single through 2022. If anyone catches him on the beach in his Bengals gear, ask for an autograph – before it’s too late.

The fresh young emcee plans to release his debut full-length album Ninebay later this year, then bring his talents on tour. First Dayton, then Fort Myers, and next, the world.

Ninebay Jakub’s latest release, “Found Love,” is for… lovers. Duh.

It’s the perfect soundtrack to kick back with bae and reflect on what life was like before finding each other – and how there’s no need ever to go back there. Over a hazy, seductive beat sculpted by his friend and producer Eddy Rock, Ninebay chronicles the ups and downs of love that ultimately land us with the one. A patient staccato of one-liners through the chorus gives way to more impassioned verses, paying homage to Ninebay’s fellow heart-felt emcees like Drake. The song returns to a laid-back level, setting a mood for all the lovers listening to start making moves if you catch our drift.

Ninebay Jakub - album art

In the music video for “Found Love” (directed by Ninebay’s friend, collaborator, and fellow Floridian Mogul), Ninebay is fully open and vulnerable. Standing in a palm tree-strewn scene of his adopted Fort Myers, the rapper lays it out plain with nothing to hide. This swaggy young rapper is draped in drip, coming into his own and unafraid to rap about the real-real. Graphic and smoke effects build tension and allure as they enhance the chill and tropical aura of the smooth serenade. Pop on “Found Love” and find yourself in a more lovely state of mind.

What made you decide to have no one else featured in the “Found Love” video?

I actually had planned on having someone in the video with me. A day or two before the video shoot, I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go with the video and I felt more and more like I could connect to the individual or individual(s) watching the video if it were just myself in the video. So that’s what I went with. 

What made you want to go with a woodland-like background for the music video?

My vision was to be in the woods somewhere “looking for love”. Sort of like a hunter looking for whatever it is that they are hunting. I’m hunting for love. 

Who in particular are you referring to in the song “Found Love?”

If I’m just being honest, when I first started writing “Found Love” it was originally going to be about an old friend of mine “MJ”. But as I kept writing and working on it, it turned into a love song about my now girlfriend.

When you say the lyric “I never had love until I found you” are you talking about something that occurred recently or a long time ago?

I wouldn’t say recently, but definitely not a long time ago. Maybe 2-3 years if that.  

Where was the “Found Love” music video filmed?

We filmed the video just outside of the Fort Myers city limits at one of the parks. I had actually been at the park about 2-3 weeks prior with my dogs. As I was waking them, I looked over at this spot kind of tucked off the beating path, and boom! I just knew it was where I wanted to film this video.

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