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Published on February 1st, 2023 | by XO


Dicey Ray Drops Debut EP ‘Applying Pressure’

Dicey Ray just released his debut EP and it’s becoming clear we’re witnessing a star in the making. Dicey Ray wrote all the songs in September, recorded the entire project at Quad Recording Studios in early November, and dropped it on Christmas Eve of 2022. The 6-track 13-minute body of work gives us a look inside the rapper’s life and shows off his impeccable lyricism.

Dicey Ray starts out the EP with a freestyle called “Hoopa to Trappa to Rappa” and in this track he discusses his come up and what he went through to get to this point now. Next up is “Free Gunna & Thug” where he goes hard from start to finish and gives you his two cents about the YSL Rico case. He follows this up with “Will Smith”, arguably the best track on the whole project. It’s catchy, original and his word play and flow paired with the intense energy makes this one a certified banger. The next song, “Money Man”, is full of motivation and inspiration as Dicey Ray talks about his journey and discusses all the losses he took and the lessons he learned. He shows off his versatility on “Ball & a Dream” where he tells you a story over the beat while he reflects about his past life. He ends the EP with “Burberry Frames”, a reference to the glasses he wears. This is a calmer track that is all about self-reflection and a letter to the haters.

I asked Dicey Ray to describe his sound and style for those who may not be familiar with his music. He replied, “I would say it’s pretty bold and distinctive, you know it’s me when I hop on a track. To be honest it’s pretty raw right now cause I’m still trying to find my sound so I’m still experimenting but my lyrics are always articulate, and meaningful and I like 808 heavy beats. I try to make catchy, upbeat songs that people can dance and turn up to, but I also like to get personal and vulnerable in my lyrics. My music is about the struggles I’ve faced and the victories I’ve achieved along the way. I started rapping because I wanted to share my story with my listeners and let them know that if I can make it, they can too.”  I would recommend this EP to any rap fan who listens to Nav, Lil baby and J.cole as Dicey Ray is a mix of all three.

It looks like this Richmond born, Baltimore based rapper doesn’t have any plans on letting his foot off the gas. When asked about future collaborations he said, “I would be open to collaborating with anyone I listen to but it has to be a mutual thing. I feel like I’m still too early in the game for artists to want to collaborate with me. Right now I’m focused on telling my story, creating my catalog and building a fanbase. I’m not looking for handouts, when I get a couple notable songs under my belt then I feel like I can ask for a feature and have it be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Until then I’ll keep working on my craft, luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Stream Applying Pressure now on all platforms!


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