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Published on February 18th, 2023 | by richvongod


Do It ‘Big’ with Ms. Day! BIG BANK in a BIG GOD! Just do it “BIG”!

Ms. Day is dropping her newest single, “BIG” which will be hitting all platforms. Produced by Grammy nominated Producer “TedyP”, this track is bringing a new level of heat that we love! From the clips we’ve seen, we are excited to see what else they got cooking up.

In preparation for this drop, we got to sit down and chop it up with her.

HM: Talking to people in various circles, we hear a lot of different things. So… let’s clear the air. What genre are you representing? Do you represent the gospel?

Ms. Day: Who do the they say I am or represent? Lol! Hip Hop of course! Sorry, I’m laughing because people are forever trying to throw artists in the box. I’m a rapper who likes to have fun and loves God. I make music about all topics, one of which is my life where God lives.

HM: Tell us about “BIG”?

Ms. Day: GO BIG OR GO HOME! The song inspires those to maximize the gifts, and dreams that they were blessed with, in-spite of the all the haters they may face. Not letting anyone take, what is theirs!! We need to recognize that we have BIG BANK in a BIG GOD! Just do it “BIG”!

HM: How is it working with such an accomplished Producer like TedyP?

Ms. Day: That’s bro right there! I’m lucky to have been able to team up with him. He has pushed me past the limits I put on myself. Working with him, I’ve learned a lot and have grown tremendously as an artist. Just wait! Y’all going to see when I start dropping this music. Follow him at the link below, he’ll get you right!

HM: So we’ve seen on your Instagram a few clips of videos with you are performing “BIG” several months ago. Will you be dropping an official video as well?

Ms. Day: Will I!?! Yes of course! The song is called “Big” so I most definitely had to get a video shot for it. As a matter of fact “FILM GOAT” himself, Ray Knowledge was the one who shot it. He did his thing, so when it drops y’all got to let me know what you think. Follow him at the link below!

HM: I know it’s going to be hot. Switching gears for a second. Who did you want to win the Super Bowl and what did you think about Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance?

Ms. Day: Well… My family and friends were rooting for the Eagles, so I did too! Lol! Honestly, I don’t watch Football like that, but the commercials and Rihanna were great! Did you see how high she was in the air, while performing pregnant? Man… bye! That was crazy, I’d be scared that of falling off or something. She did her then for sure.

HM: Before we go, is there anything you would like the readers to know?

Ms. Day: Stay true to who you were created to be. Your journey is not going to look like someone else’s, because you were created for a different purpose! Love God, self, and everything else will fall into place.
Oh, and be sure to check me out on the video links below and let me know something! I’m always looking for feedback. I ain’t perfect, but I will get it right.


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