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Published on March 2nd, 2023 | by XO


Entreprenuer & Artist SR. Gent Shows Us His Softer Side in New Song “Lean On Me”

SR.Gent chose the day of love to release his new single, Lean On Me, and he released it on-brand. The album art is of two stuffed bears which are holding on tightly to a lifebuoy. It reminds you of those 90s greeting cards with a random cute message like, “Bee My Valentine.” Though less cheesy, the message from Lean on Me is still charming. In the song, SR.Gent urges his love interest to trust him, “If you ever gotta lean, lean this way.”

SR.Gent, real name Lester Rodell Smith Jr., is an upcoming entrepreneur, artist, and songwriter from Tucson, AZ now residing in Winter Garden, Florida. He is a master of his craft with a background in music production from The Berklee College of Music. He is also the owner of his own record label LTP INC and roster of artist to include CashOnAble, Gutta Terantino, Stefanello, and DtrickThaBandit.

However, before SR.Gent found his path in music, he was a Sergeant in the U.S Army, before being medically retired in 2014 after multiple tour in Afghanistan. As a child he wrote poetry making music a natural transition from the Army. His mission as an artist and label owner is to support and empower artists, which is demonstrated by the written and release of  The Indie Artist Petition which can be found https://indieartistpetition.com

The lyrics to Lean On Me have been penned like a love letter. In the first part of the song, SR.Gent shows us how the love of his life has constantly shown up for him, “…if I tell her that I’m home, she say she coming there with me…she show up quickly and fix me something cuz I wannae eat, although she hate that I’m picky.” 

In appreciation for all the love he’s getting, SR.Gent then uses the second part of the song to offer some  reassurance to his woman, “…And I know that you hate we met up in this way, but you can’t beat fate…I’ll make sure you eat right, be loving you all night.”

The chorus, coupled with the light autotune, is catchy and will have you effortlessly singing along. Although SR.Gent’s delivery throughout the song is somewhat repetitive, it works well to provide a smooth, relaxed vibe.

The instrument in the foreground is the piano, fading in and out to allow us to hear SR.Gent’s rap better. The song’s soul comes from a guitar riff you’ll almost miss if you are too caught up in SR.Gent’s hazy voice. Bringing the guitar to the foreground a little bit or even giving it a solo at the end would have further elevated the soul aspect of the song. Still, the balance of all the elements remains crisp, with nothing overpowering the other. 

Compared to his debut album, 1992, and his latest album Contrarian, Lean on Me explores SR.Gent’s versatility as an artist. He shows us that he can experiment with different feels and sounds and still produce something enjoyable. Lean on Me is available on all major music streaming platforms. Fans can also engage with SR.Gent and his music on his social channels. 


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