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Published on March 8th, 2023 | by XO


Meet the NFT Creator Who’s Making Pimpin’ Foxy Moves in the Crypto World”

In a world where digital art is selling for millions of dollars, one NFT creator stands out from the rest with his flashy suits, daring attitude, and foxy charm. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Emmanuel Jibiri, also known as Nerdy Pimp Crew.

Emmanuel Jibiri or Emmyjayjnr, as he’s also called, is not your average software developer. Not at all. He is the brains behind some of the most distinctive and entertaining NFTs available, which include his emblematic character, the Pimp Fox. The Pimp Fox isn’t your typical woodland creature; he’s a fox with a twist. Oh no, this fox has a fashion sense on par with any human out there. His sharp suits, flashy hats, and devil-may-care attitude make him the perfect embodiment of adventure and rebellion.

But how does one go about making a character like that? Well, Emmanuel claims that AI is entirely to blame. Yes, all of his NFTs were produced by AI. Therefore, not only is Emmanuel a software developer, but he’s also a master of artificial intelligence. Talk about having several talents!

But Emmanuel’s creativity doesn’t stop there. Nerdypimpcrew, a website marketplace he also founded, allows art collectors and aspiring artists to buy and sell works of art in a variety of media. And he personally chooses each and every work that appears on his platform, ensuring that only the very finest are shown there. He is an expert in AI and software development, as well as being knowledgeable about great art.

Nerdypimpcrew is the place to go if you’re searching for some amusing and distinctive NFTs or if you want to purchase or sell art online. Also, you never know—you might even meet the Pimp Fox while you’re there. He enjoys having fun and doing new things.

In conclusion, Emmanuel Jibiri is a force to be reckoned with in the crypto world. With his foxy charm, AI expertise, and eye for art, he’s making pimpin’ foxy moves that are turning heads and making waves. Keep an eye out for this NFT creator – he’s sure to have some more tricks up his sleeve.


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