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Wigs Are a Growing Trend, Worn by People from All Walks of Life, and Religiously

As a major factor in developing self-confidence, style, and aesthetics, wigs can achieve incredible transformations. They offer a sense of freedom to those that wear them, allowing for self-expression and creative exploration of different looks and styles. Wigs provide an effective way to experiment with fashion and create lasting impressions without any long-term commitment.

The religious law of some Orthodox Jewish communities mandates wearing head coverings by married women to maintain tzniut (the Yiddish word for modesty). Often, this headcover is a sheitel (wig), many of which are made of human hair and styled modernly. 

Wig Wearing Is Growing in Popularity

In recent years, several celebrities, actors, and models have admitted to wearing hair wigs. Celebrities wearing wigs openly is a significant trend in this industry as it represents a shift in users’ preference for wearing these coverings for aesthetic purposes. 

Fortunately, hair wigs have become more popular, and the taboo surrounding their use has been lifted. As the adoption of hair wigs continues to grow, social media platforms, such as Instagram, are helping to break the conventional stigmas associated with wig use in the fashion and beauty industries. This increased acceptance of wigs has opened up a world of possibilities for those looking to experiment with their look, as evidenced by the ever-growing number of tutorials, styling tips, and product reviews available online. For instance, @wiglifee on Instagram has been instrumental in changing public attitudes towards wig use by helping to normalize wig styling and demonstrating the versatility of wigs.

The Wig Maker Who Empowers Women

Photo credit: Shani Lechan, with permission.As the founder of Shani Wigs, Shani Lechan has been committed to eradicating the stigma associated with women wearing wigs across various demographics. Through her company’s work, Shani has taken a stand to ensure that women no longer feel ashamed for wearing a wig but instead feel empowered by the decision. Most of her clients have been Jewish women. However, cancer patients and those with alopecia have also been a significant part of her clientele. 

It has been proven that the wig business is profitable since many celebrities wear them. During the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” actress Lily Collins wore wigs designed by Lechan.


In 2022, the global market for hair wigs and extensions reached USD 2.89 billion in the entertainment and fashion industry.  

Consumers have always responded positively to new fashion trends, and their consumption has brought higher revenues to the industry. According to estimates, the hair industry is expected to bring in US$13.44bn in 2023 and grow annually by 1.17% from 2023 to 2027.

Wig-Wearing Stars

In 2016, actress Keira Knightley revealed that she had suffered from major hair loss due to dyeing her hair often for different roles. “So for the past five years, I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair,” she told InStyle UK at the time.

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel on the television show “Friends,” is a celebrity whose hair has always been remembered for its beauty. As a result of her iconic hairstyle, she earned the name “The Rachel” cut. This particular haircut was popularized in 1995 following the premiere episode of “The One With the Evil Orthodontist.” 

During the mid-1990s, Aniston’s haircut became a global phenomenon, instigating a global trend among celebrities and fans. “I have to say it’s so nice to wear a wig; it’s like putting a hat on,” Jen told People magazine. Despite all the extensions she wore in the past, Jennifer believes that wearing a wig is practical and helps to protect her natural hair.

Hair Loss

Currently, there is a severe health problem associated with hair loss. Hectic lifestyles and improper consumption of essential nutrients adversely affect the human body. Men have a higher prevalence of alopecia, receding hairlines, and pattern baldness, while hair thinning is more prevalent among women. Shani Lechan contributes to the greater good by “educating the public on the options they have for hair covering as a solution for various beauty or hair loss reasons.”

Celebrity Hairstylists’ Views On Wigs

Guy Tang, a celebrity hairdresser, and colorist recommends wearing a basic wig for fun and casual purposes. However, to ensure the highest quality look and feel, Tang recommends investing in a well-made wig for any special occasion or long-term use.

“I would start by asking your hairstylist for recommendations—Bellami makes great lace-front wigs that are affordable and good quality and would be a great first-wig option,” Tang said. Shani’s perspective is similar to that described by Guy. “We believe every woman is unique, so their wigs have to be unique too; that is why each piece is fully customized.”

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